Geodomain explained

The term geodomain refers to domain names that are the same as those of geographic entities, such as cities and countries. Examples of geodomains are,,, and country specific names like

Since geographical names are limited in number, and have instant name recognition, geodomains are highly valued, with .com extension geodomains valued the most highly.

Geodomains tend to provide a virtual representation of the locations they serve, for example, is heavily tourism focused, while and have more local content. Collectively, geographic domain names are estimated to represent approximately over 500 million dollars a year in gross hotel bookings alone, and are a rising force in the Internet.

Associated Cities

Associated Cities is a trade association founded in 2003. Its membership is limited to sites operating at the .com versions of city names. The association has more than 100 members and holds an annual event called the "Geodomain Expo."

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