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I called justhost.com to have my websites and domains transferred to them. They started the process and kept asking for more money to do what they said they would in the beginning at the prices on their site. After two weeks of them doing nothing and telling me they could not transfer me and continuing to ask for more money, I said enough was enough. And I asked for a full refund, (like it says they would give on their site.) not only didn’t I get a refund, they could do nothing for me and kept our money.

We are a nonprofit organization that helps disadvantaged children. They basically STOLE from these children. I would NEVER Recommend them to ANYONE for anything. I am contacting the BBB and everyone that I can to let them know about their deceitful practices and totally inability to do their job. They kept me on hold for hours. Switched me to people that could not communicate in my language (English) and all the while asking for more money.

Bottom line? JustDONThost.com would be a better domain.

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