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had a minimal server for a few months with no issues
I then got a slightly more expensive server and the problems started.

One morning I found that the server was offline. I could not find an easy way of starting it. I logged a support call and they started it for me. I then released that it had been off for around 8 hours.

They could not offer an explanation and wanted to take the server offline again to run some tests requiring 8 hours. They could not do it during the night as it was a german public holiday, the day after was the weekend when they have only emergency support. They didn't want to provide me with a new server, and they couldn't offer me any alternatives. I allowed them to do the work immediately. After 10+ hours I contacted them and they said the memory test was taking too long and this was probably the cause of the issue. Memory was apparently replaced and I appeared to have a working server.

I week or so later in the evening the same problem again. I contacted support but they don't seem to care. Although they did restart the server, a long term resolution requires more downtime. This time they suspected the power supply. I suggested a new server, but this would require me to make my own backups and restores/reinstalls after its done. It took me days to configure this server to the way I wanted.

I even suggested cancelling the service, but the request was just ignored, explaining that my only options are to either change the PSU only, or change the whole machine and for me to take responsibility for the repercussions. Both of which are not certain, and require downtime.

How long do I need to spend sending emails, or for a server to be down to reach an adequate solution.

I wish I had just used a decent provider in the first place.

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