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It made me laugh (or cry - not sure which) when I saw that 123-Reg had been voted the best web hosting company on webuser.co.uk. How did this happen?

The reason I ask is that I have had no end of trouble with their (non-existant) support over the past month or two.

First they withdraw services from their hosting package that I have paid for without any consultation or notice.

Then, I encounter problems where I cannot upload changes to my website.

I sent many emails to their website and even resorted to a paper letter (remember them?) and they have not even had the courtesy to reply. I run a website that generates 90% of its orders at Christmas and I need to be able to update my website on almost a daily basis. I have not been able to update for a month.

When I did an internet search on 123-Reg today. I found many, many adverse comments about them, so I am going to move my hosting in the New Year when orders die down.

Has anyone else had problems with them? I work for an IT company and if we treated our customers like they are treating me, legal action would be forthcoming, I'm sure.

So if you are thinking about using 123-Reg for your hosting - don't. They are rubbish. As for how they came to be voted the best web hosting company....the cynic in me is imagining 123-reg staff voting and voting for themselves while the complaints build up in their inbox.

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