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123 Reg
5th Floor, The Shipping Building, Old Vinyl Factory, 252 – 254 B
Hayes UB3 1HA
电话 0345 450 2310
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Labiche ( labiche@h... )
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Absolutely dreadful customer service - absolutely no response to emails and don't even bother trying to speak to one of the morons via phone. I've also had the experience of others here of having outstanding calls being wiped without any trace or resolution.

Worst of all is the pop email service. I've a customer who's mail works OK until 9AM. From then until 5.30/6PM it's a lucky day if popping the boxes every 30 minutes pulls mail more than twice - plenty of errors though. And I know it's not his system as trying to telnet directly to the 123 pohost box gives the same woeful response during the same times.

Another cusomer bought a 12 month pop box for £12 and it never, ever worked. In the end, no point in chasing a resolution as it's not just worth it for £12 - of course, if everyone takes this attitude it's a nice way to make easy money. For that experience alone I go with other people's views here that this bunch are crooks.

Cheap registration is OK (in my experience) if you web forward to somewhere else, otherwise AVOID.

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