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Julie Philpott ( viro-bag@h... )
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I joined 123 reg in January and set up one of their instant sites. Week after week I have had one problem or another...

...their server is down
...the e-mail system does not work
...no notifiaction of orders placed on my site
...my control panel will not open
...'critical error, have removed site' displays
...'error, contact webhost' displayed
...my site is off for a couple of days

The list goes on and on and on...

Today I had had enough! I rang them up, told them I had had enough and explained why. The technical guy had a look at my site, saw what I was talking about and agreed that the site was not suitable to use for a small business or anybody wanting to sell anything.

Strange really, because you can add your Paypal account to the shopping cart?!

Anyway, they agreed to refund all my money, being that the site is difficult to use.
They suggested I got in touch with their sister company Webfusion for an alternative hosting option. So, I checked their reviews, Guess what? Their reviews are almost as good as 123 reg.

Solution.... get a refund and a proper site designer to look after you.

Do not touch 123 reg and good luck!

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