XXXL, MAD 419.00/月。 上 Linux/Windows VPS

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2ème étage N°6, Immeuble Safwa, Boulevard, Avenue Hassan 1er
电话 +212 528225522
  • 计划名称: XXXL (sku #p120684)
  • 类别: VPS / Linux/Windows
  • 价钱:MAD 419.00/月。 增值税 exc | 设置费: 自由
  • 磁盘空间: 400 GB | 流量带宽: 未计量
  • 服务器位置:
  • 付款: 信用卡/借记卡/预付卡
CPU /核心 :Intel xeon E5 cores 16
RAM :18000 MB
托管域名 :无限
免费域名 :0
专用IP :1
支付方式 :信用卡/借记卡/预付卡
控制面板 :CPanelPleskCentOS Web Panel
类别 :Wordpress
支持选项 :电子邮件服务台电话/免费电话在线聊天
服务器位置 :摩洛哥
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Auto save
Keep all your data using the backup features of the VPS. Automatic backup offers you the possibility of performing automatic data backups on a systematic and regular basis.

The virtual server is the perfect solution for hosting applications in a production environment. We make every effort to ensure the availability of your VPS server by an SLA.

High performance
Our Windows hosting combines the power of Microsoft ASP.NET and MSSQL with the popular PHP and MySQL. We configure everything so that you benefit from the maximum allocated physical resources.

Unlimited monthly traffic
Take advantage of all the advantages to develop your project without traffic limit constraints. Host your test environment on a VPS SSD, and benefit from 100 Mbit/s bandwidth.


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    • 操作系统类型: Linux/Windows
    • 价钱: MAD 399.00/mo. 增值税 exc
    • 磁盘空间: 20 GB
    • 流量带宽: 350 GB
    • 设置费: 自由
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    Linux Monthly Transfer 350GB
    Windows Monthly Transfer 500GB
    Grantie Linux RAM Memory 600MB
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    cPanel/WHM 200DH
    DirectAdmin 120DH
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    • 流量带宽: 未计量
    • 设置费: 自由
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    • 服务器在:
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    Remote Restart: Included
    SSH root access: Included
    OS Re-installation: Yes
    Port: 100 Mbit / s
    VNC access: Yes
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    • 服务器在:
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    99.99% availability guarantee
    We promise 99.9% presence in all plans. It is a high presence rate and provides you with high productivity.
    Operating systems
    You can choose the operating system or [...]
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    • 磁盘空间: 150 GB
    • 流量带宽: 未计量
    • 设置费: 自由
    • 添加:
    • 服务器在:
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    Bandwidth 50 MB / s
    Server activation free
    Options included in all servers
    Real-time resource utilization monitoring
    Graphs of Resource Utilization
    SSH Access: root (Super Administrator)