Plan A, CNY 4,000.00/年。 上 Linux/Windows 共享

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106 102 Guangfu South Road, 13th Floor (CTS Building)
Taipei 94043
☎ 电话 +886 80 024 8013
  • 💡 计划名称: Plan A (sku #p40557)
  • 🔧 类别: 共享主机 / Linux/Windows
  • 💰 价钱:CNY 4,000.00/年。
  • 💿 磁盘空间: 25 GB
  • 📶 流量带宽: 750 GB
  • 💲 设置费: CNY 450
🔌 托管域名 :1
🆓 免费域名 :0
📌 专用IP :0
💳 支付方式 :信用卡/借记卡/预付卡
🔨 控制面板 :[室内]
✍️ 支持选项 :电子邮件服务台电话/免费电话在线聊天全天候提供
🌏 服务器位置 :台湾
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📜 计划说明

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Technical Specifications
A, Linux version: RedHat EL6
two, PHP version: php 5.6.22
three, Apache Version: 2.2.31
four, MySQL database version: MySQL 5.6.30 (preset five new customer databases, plus free open MySQL library)
five, PHPMyAdmin version: 4.3.8
six, support php common element: GD, cURL, pHP mail (every 3 hours up 150), Zend Optimizer, Perl, PEAR libraries
VII does not provide the machine with SSH SMTP functionality, we recommend the use of corporate or SMTP mail php mail function.
Eight, may apply for setting function: register_globals, output_buffering, mod_rewrite, allow_url_fopen , SPF, flv, .htaccess.
Nine, 2009/06/25 previous user's application, PHP version: php 4.4.9, MySQL version: MySQL 4.1 ~ 4.1.21, For more detailed information, please contact customer service.
** Currently supported apache, php modules: cURL, FreeType, GD, ionCube Loader, mbstring, Mcrypt, Mhash, OpenSSL, PEAR, Perl, ImageMagick, exif, SOAP, XSL, Zend Optimizer, Zend Extension Manager, zlib

1. Linux Web Hosting 30-day inspection period, regardless of the reasons can request a full refund for appreciation during the period (except traffic overdevelopment, paid domain name, but not charge any fees).
2. If your site requires a larger set of special memory or a large number of host resources, we recommend that you refer to Accton VPS virtual physical host.
3. If your site exceeds the monthly traffic limit (A program 500G), with a super-charges and notification method, see flow calculation instructions.
4. Get a mailbox is not enabled, when a site system together with the expiration termination of service. Get a mailbox for each site, is limited to once a year, giving full mailbox is not enabled, the time of renewal is no longer presented.
5. If your site requires independent ip, SSL, unlimited traffic, jsp (tomcat) function, please refer to Accton VPS virtual physical host.
6. Accton virtual host can purchase SSL certificates, see SSL certificate Accton instructions.

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    • 💡 计划: Business
    • 🔧 类别: 共享主机
    • 💻 操作系统类型: Linux
    • 💰 价钱: CNY 60,001.00/yr.
    • 💿 磁盘空间: 50 GB
    • 📶 流量带宽: 60 GB
    • 💲 设置费: 自由
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    • 📆 更新:
    • 🌏 服务器在:
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    high performance server
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