Gcom Hosting DS4, BOB 1,491.72/月。 上 Linux/Windows 专用

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Gcom Hosting
Cambodromo 8th Ring, B. Julio Leigue, C/8 de Diciembre #1020
Santa Cruz De La Sierra
电话 +591-3-331-0755
  • 计划名称: DS4 (sku #p121030)
  • 类别: 专用主机 / Linux/Windows
  • 价钱:BOB 1,491.72/月。 | 设置费: 自由
  • 磁盘空间: 1000 GB | 流量带宽: 15 TB
  • 服务器位置:
  • 付款: 信用卡/借记卡/预付卡
CPU /核心 :Intel E3-1265LV2
RAM :16000 MB
托管域名 :无限
免费域名 :0
专用IP :2
支付方式 :信用卡/借记卡/预付卡
控制面板 :CPanelPlesk
类别 :Semi Managed
支持选项 :电子邮件服务台电话/免费电话在线聊天
服务器位置 :玻利维亚
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Powered by SSD storage, DDR4 memory, and Xenon D processors, our servers can seamlessly handle any type of workload, from a critical business application to a high-traffic website.

Our servers are located in world-class data centers that are backed by redundant ISP links and Neustar DDoS protection to ensure your site is up and available all the time.

Choose from various types of Linux and hosting panels. You can even add the WHMCS plugin for a complete billing solution.


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    Alexa Rating514,638
    • 计划: Servidor Dedicado
    • 类别: 专用主机
    • 操作系统类型: Linux
    • 价钱: $ 99.99/mo.
    • 磁盘空间: 4000 GB
    • 流量带宽: 未计量
    • 设置费: 自由
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    • 计划: ATOM 1
    • 类别: 专用主机
    • 操作系统类型: Linux
    • 价钱: $ 70.00/mo.
    • 磁盘空间: 500 GB
    • 流量带宽: 10 TB
    • 设置费: 自由
    • 添加:
    • 服务器在:
    • 截图 ATOM 1 从 hostingbo.net
    We offer different dedicated server configurations based on Intel Atom (based on SSD) for users who are about to venture into the world of non-shared hosting solutions.