计划 #37786, Start, $ 15.00/月。 上 Linux 云

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PO Box 2998
Ann Arbor , MI 48106
电话 888-546-8946
传真 1-734-527-6565
  • 计划名称: Start (sku #p37786)
  • 类别: / Linux
  • 价钱:$ 15.00/月。停产 | 设置费: 自由
  • 磁盘空间: 10 GB | 流量带宽: 未计量
  • 服务器位置:
  • 付款: 信用卡/借记卡/预付卡, PayPal, 电汇, Skrill (Moneybookers), 支票付款
CPU /核心 :2 Cores 600 MHz
RAM :512 MB
托管域名 :无限
免费域名 :0
专用IP :0
支付方式 :信用卡/借记卡/预付卡PayPal电汇Skrill (Moneybookers)支票付款
控制面板 :CPanel
支持选项 :电子邮件服务台电话/免费电话在线聊天全天候提供
服务器位置 :荷兰 新加坡 美国
截图 Start 从 a2hosting.com

原始计划网址是 https://www.a2hosting.com/cloud-vps-hosting


512 MB RAM
10 GB HDD Storage
Unlimited Inbound Transfer
2 Cores
600 MHz CPU Speed
Anytime Money Back Guarantee

Choose A2 Hosting and you'll quickly see we do things differently. Experience our high-performance SwiftServer Platform with optional blazing fast SSDs featuring page loads up to 300% faster than standard drives.

Our Quick Start Cloud means no confusing price guides and instructions to sift through just to get started. Just design your perfect Cloud VM and easily re-size your account as resource needs fluctuate. You can also turn your Cloud VPS on or off. Either way you only pay for what you use.

We put our ultra-reliable service featuring free high-availability failover up against anyone. Don't settle for merely a top Cloud VPS Hosting provider; choose A2 Hosting for the Best Cloud VPS Hosting service.

Best Cloud Web Hosting

It seems you can't watch TV, listen to the radio or surf the internet without hearing about the "Cloud". Cloud has become such a buzzword that it has almost lost any meaning at all. We put the meaning back into Cloud. To A2 Hosting, Cloud Hosting means a high powered, developer friendly, reliable and scalable hosting solution. That's exactly the level of Cloud Hosting service you'll get from A2 Hosting.


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    • 计划: SP1
    • 类别: 云
    • 操作系统类型: Linux/Windows
    • 价钱: $ 15.00/mo.
    • 磁盘空间: 25 GB
    • 流量带宽: 1 TB
    • 设置费: 自由
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    • 流量带宽: 未计量
    • 设置费: 自由
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    For web projects with basic demands
    Up to 4 web projects
    Free domain for first year
    Customizable stack
    Performance-optimized applications
    By-the-minute billing
    Stop or start at any time
    Transparent [...]
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    • 磁盘空间: 无限
    • 流量带宽: 未计量
    • 设置费: 自由
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    • 磁盘空间: 120 GB
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