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5750 W. 95th St, Suite 300
Overland Park , KS 66207
Telefon +1.866-226-3376
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Codero is one of the most incompetent hosting companies that I have ever encountered. They have recently changed their name to Codero to avoid bankruptcy and run away from their F rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Their most common response to your problems when their data-center is down or when they've crashed your hard-drive or their network is down is:

"There's nothing we can do about that"

They treat their customers like the scum of the earth. They rarely respond to emails and often do not pick up their support phone numbers.

The only advantage is they have is they are cheap. But don't be fooled, if you are making more than $500 per month from your server, do NOT host with them, as you will surely lose money from the downtime and all the headache caused from dealing with a bunch of imbeciles.

Ryan Elledge is their COO. This guys is a big fat idoiot that sits behind his desk and watches baseball all the time. He often sends out emails notifying customers of downtime while touting their state of the art facilities in the same email.
Dear Jose, I am unable to locate your account, however, I wanted to respond to the statements you have made. Codero was formed out of the dedicated and managed hosting operations of as a result of selling the brand and the shared hosting/web design/domain registration services in July 2009. You can read more about the formation of Codero here: We are not experiencing financial troubles and are not trying to avoid bankruptcy. In fact, we are currently in a fortunate position where we have been able to pass savings of up to 50% off to our customers in recent specials as a result of inventory deals we have received.

Regarding our most common response in support, I again cannot speak specifically to your experience as I am not familiar with your account. Our customers and their experience with Codero is important to us. As a result all support phone calls are answered and hold times rarely exceed 5 minutes. Additionally, we do send out maintenance window notifications in the event there may be a service impact to allow customers like yourself to be aware of the possibilities and not become blind-sided by sudden downtime. We take all precautions to ensure minimal downtime for our customers resulting from network, but we understand sometimes they are unavoidable.

If you would like to speak specifically about your experience please feel free to contact our Director of Support at taylorg[at]codero[dot]com.

Marketing representative (Chris Branding -, ).

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