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I have been using 123reg.co.uk for years for .co.uk domain registration, I've never used them for hosting as I require dedicated servers with root access which although they advertise dedicated hosting when I enquired I was told they are 'virtual dedicated servers' with no root access.

Anyway, for domain registration I have found them OK until now, I have 2 domains that are due to expire in November so yesturday I went to renew them. I paid a total of £13.58 for two domains to be renewed for 2 years. When I then checked the domains in the control panel they still showed as being due to expire in November 2007, ie had not been renewed. I double checked my bank to confirm the payment went through and it had.

I then checked my 'account activity' which showed only one invoice which was for just one domain renewal at £6.79 and clearly stated it had been paid. I then found the 08712309525 telephone and gave them a call. The kid on the other end of the phone called me a lier, stating that I had just paid the £6.79 for the one domain and that is all they charged my account. He said I would need to show HIM my bank statement to prove otherwise. This wound me up and when I asked to speak to a manager he cut me off.

I phoned again and spoke to someone else who appeared to understand the situation better and said he would pass it to the head office in London and it would be resolved by the end of the day. Well guess what it wasn't. This morning both domains are still showing that they are due to expire in November 2007, there is still just the one invoice showing in the 'account activity' and there is no response to my question via their support site which i eventually got to work.

This has totally trashed any confidence I had in 123reg.co.uk and I am now looking for a new registrar to transfer the domains to asap. I will get my money back from 123reg one way or another, even if it means me paying them a visit at the Nottingham address as I am not that far away.

Not a happy camper

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