Timeweb Optimo +, RUB 169,00/ Ay. üzerinde Linux Paylaşılan

Optimo + tarihinde güncellendi ( eklendi)
22A, Zastavskaya block 2, lit. A, 8th floor
Saint-petersburg 196084
☎ Telefon 8 800 333 1081
  • 💡 Plan Adı: Optimo + (sku #p41699)
  • 🔧 Kategori: Paylaşılan Evsahipliği / Linux
  • 💰 Fiyat:RUB 169,00/ Ay.
  • 💿 Disk Alanı: 10 GB
  • 📶 Trafik bant genişliği: unmetered
  • 💲 Kurulum ücreti: beleş
🔌 Barındırılan alanlar :10
🆓 ücretsiz alanlar :1
📌 Özel IP :0
💳 Ödeme metodları :Kredi / Bankamatik / Ön Ödemeli Kartlar
🔨 Kontrol Paneli :[İçi]
🔧 Kategori :Yedek
✍️ Destek Seçenekleri :E-postaYardım MasasıTelefon / ÜcretsizForum24/7 mevcut
🌏 Sunucu Konumları :Rusya Federasyonu
ekran görüntüsü Optimo + itibaren timeweb.com

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📜 Plan açıklaması

10 ftp acc.
10 databases
Free domain: .mobi, .rf
3 backups
Hour support
10 GB for email
free SSL-certificate

Our advantages More reasons to choose us
10 days free trial period
Round the clock support
We will help with the transfer of the site
Comfortable innovative control panel
The most powerful servers
Regular backups
Free SSL-certificate
Mobile application for hosting management
Stock gifts

Own account control panel ;
Unlimited and free traffic;
MySQL 5, the PHP 5.3 / 5.4 / 5.6 / 7.0, the APC (the PHP 5.3, 5.4),
the Zend OPcache (the PHP 5.6, 7.0), Import Import phpMyAdmin;
Perl 5, Parser, Python, Ruby, C ++;
SSH, sFTP / FTP, SCP access (secure copy);
Unlimited number of mailboxes;
Setting mailings / shipments, the answering machine;
POP3, IMAP, SMTP services with encryption for email;
Secure Web-based interface for mail;
File Manager in the Control Panel;
Support for an unlimited number of domains;
domains / subdomains management, websites, DNS, FTP-accounts;
Access and Error logs (server logs), server statistics;
Password Protected Directories;
.htaccess management, own error pages;
Organisation schedule - Cron;
The setting of SMS-notifications about key events in the account;
Protecting access to the control panel (two-factor authentication);
SSL support (requires dedicated IP and certificate);
Round the clock customer support.

Shared hosting

Shared Web Hosting - a service for placing sites on the Internet. The customer accesses the disk space, and other server resources, which can store a variety of text, graphics and multimedia files to your site, blog and other projects. Shared hosting involves placing a plurality of sites on a single server where all users share common server resources.
All sites are located on a virtual server on powerful servers that are installed all the required modules and software. Using the service is performed via the control panel and does not require administrative skills.
Before starting work on a virtual server, the user needs to meet a number of features that will help you choose the perfect solution for his project.
Hard drive space

Depending on the objectives of the project, you can determine how much disk space is needed. For example, to place a small blog or a small website will suffice to several gigabytes. For online store or a news portal will require more disk space. In any case, we are sure to take place with a reserve, especially if you plan to develop the project and increase the amount of content on the site, downloading graphic and video materials.
Supported technologies

An important factor is the programming language in which to write a script to your site. To date, the most common are PHP, Perl and Python.
Support on the hosting of scripts in different programming languages, determines whether or not your site will be able to function. Therefore, before you opt for a particular host, make sure that the server provider installed the necessary software that allows your site to work on the hosting company.
Technical support

Even if there is a minimum number of hosting maintenance issues, sooner or later you will still question, which only technical support can answer. Read the reviews about a particular hosting, pay attention to the speed and quality of response. Find out whether the provider has a support on the phone or through the processing of user requests the system, as is sometimes the issue can be urgent, and interaction through email can take a very long time.

Bonuses and gifts
3 months for free when you transfer to us and pay for six months
Discounts up to 15% when you pay for a year of hosting
Register or domain extension for free when you pay for a year

Additional services
50 rub. / Month. additional site
75 rub. / Month. additional 1GB
50 rub. / Month. Additional MySQL database
50 rub. / Month. additional FTP login
20 rub. / Month. 1GB additional space for mail
100 rub. / Month. additional IP address
2000 rub. / Year Safety Certificate Positive SSL Comodo (includes dedicated IP address)
13 000 rub. / Year Safety Certificate Positive SSL Wildcard Comodo (includes dedicated IP address)
40 rub. / month. increase the limit of the load on the server CPU

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