Fasthosts 510 / month, £ 510,00/ Ay. üzerinde Cloud Bulut

510 / month tarihinde güncellendi ( eklendi), Toplam Puan (1 dışında 10 itibaren 11 yorumlar)
Discovery House, 154 Southgate Street
Gloucester gl1 2ex
☎ Telefon +44 (0)1452 541 285
  • 💡 Plan Adı: 510 / month (sku #p39987)
  • 🔧 Kategori: Bulut / Cloud
  • 💰 Fiyat:£ 510,00/ Ay. 20% KDV dahil
  • 💿 Disk Alanı: 400 GB
  • 📶 Trafik bant genişliği: unmetered
  • 💲 Kurulum ücreti: beleş
💪 İşlemci / Çekirdek :16 CPU
🔋 Veri deposu :64000 MB
🔌 Barındırılan alanlar :sınırsız
🆓 ücretsiz alanlar :0
📌 Özel IP :0
💳 Ödeme metodları :Kredi / Bankamatik / Ön Ödemeli KartlarPayPal
🔨 Kontrol Paneli :[İçi]
✍️ Destek Seçenekleri :E-postaYardım MasasıTelefon / ÜcretsizCanlı sohbet24/7 mevcut
🌏 Sunucu Konumları :Birleşik Krallık
ekran görüntüsü 510 / month itibaren

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📜 Plan açıklaması

Launch your cloud server on CloudNX in just a few clicks
Enter your contact details
Enter your payment details
Customise your server

CloudNX Pricing

Daily: You can always see server usage and charges for the previous day, and change your current configuration as you wish.

Monthly: A summary of daily charges for the whole month appears on the 1st of the following month (including taxes). The month’s charges are then taken from your usual Fasthosts account payment method. All accounts are billed on this monthly basis.

CPU £6.00 / vCPU
RAM £6.00 / GB
SSD £1.50 / 20 GB

Stay in control

You can always view current usage for the month (bill so far) before your next invoice date, along with all past monthly invoices and an estimate of usage up to the last day of the month.
Start or stop

You can start or stop a plan at end of the month, with total amount payable shown on the last day of the month, and the balance payable on 2nd of the next month.
Pause your server

Your storage space, CPU, RAM and IP address are all reserved if your plan is paused. If you select a flexible plan, only total storage, the OS and IPs allocated to your server will be billed during this time.
Actual usage

A top level summary shows you all chargeable features in your CloudNX plan, giving a detailed breakdown of usage and charges for all relevant items (a components breakdown doesn't apply to pre-set servers).
Estimated usage

Daily and monthly budgets are simple to manage: you can see projected upcoming invoices, based on current usage and latest settings (at the time of viewing).

Windows Server 2012 and 2008

For Windows Server users, CloudNX offers Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows Server 2008 R2, both 64-bit, with web or standard options available. The software licences for new Windows operating systems can be quickly and easily managed via your Cloud Panel.
Ubuntu, Debian and CentOS linux
Linux - including Ubuntu 16.04 and Debian 8

CloudNX provides the newest release versions of these popular Linux distributions, enabling your projects to benefit from the latest features and performance enhancements. If you require a different version, Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu 12.04 and Debian 7 are also available, as well as CentOS 6 and CentOS 7.

Architecture and installation base

Selecting either 32-bit or 64-bit architecture allows you to further tailor your CloudNX server to your project. You can also choose a standard or minimum installation. Standard provides instant access to packages for web, database and DNS servers, while minimum just gives you the bare essentials.
ISOs for even more choice

If you need a different operating system or have an existing licence you want to use, you have the option to load an ISO to your cloud server. Provided you have your own licence key, this enables you to install Windows 2012/2008, Ubuntu, CentOS, Red Hat, Knoppix, FreeBSD or Solaris via the KVM console.
Create images with the OS ready to go

To help you provision new VMs quickly and efficiently, CloudNX lets you set up server images with the operating system fully configured. This way, you can come back later and instantly create multiple new cloud servers, each with a suitable OS, version and architecture already selected.
Additional software

When configuring your server operating system, you can also choose extra software for your project. Available software includes Plesk 12.5 (unlimited domains), cPanel and Microsoft SQL Server. Simply select the additional software in your Cloud Panel, with any additional costs clearly displayed.

Operating systems and database support
Windows operating systems

Windows Server 2012 R2 Web & Standard, 32 or 64-bit

Windows Server 2008 R2 Web & Standard, 32 or 64-bit
Linux operating systems

Ubuntu 16.04, 14.04 & 12.04

CentOS 7 & 6

Debian 8 & 7
Database support

SQL Server 2012 & 2014 - Express, Web and Standard Edition


Deploy each Linux operating system either as a bare operating system or as a LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP)

High performance virtual machines

Quickly provision your Windows and Linux virtual machines, apps and infrastructure – from 55 seconds. We provide the virtualisation, storage and network management you need. Load balancing and high performance SSD storage give you the speed that leaves others behind.
Servers which scale on demand

Our flexible cloud technology delivers the infrastructure you need right now, freeing more time for coding. There are no upfront costs or contracts – just clear ‘pay as you use’ pricing, plus estimated bills to help you plan ahead. CloudNX lets you scale from one server to multi-server secure networks in just a few clicks.
All-inclusive secure technology

Secure cloud hosting defends your data and applications, with Private Networks, Firewalls and VPN included across all configurations. Try out applications with confidence – a few clicks can capture full server backup clones or create snapshots for change testing.
Powerful, easy-to-use cloud control panel

All of the control you need is available in one place, with a responsive and mobile-ready console. Create the server you need, whenever you need it, and deploy your choice of apps such as WordPress, Drupal and Magento.
International data centres, always UK support

With a choice of four data centre locations across two continents, you can select the best place to base your cloud servers. Select a data centre in the UK, the US, Germany or Spain to optimise the experience of your visitors. Whichever location you choose, you’ll always receive 24/7 UK support as standard, with personalised and cost-effective server management also available from our dedicated Professional Services team.
Pay as you use

With no upfront costs or contracts, CloudNX users can see and control usage for the current month, down to minutes. Start and stop your plan or make immediate granular changes to any resource – CPU, RAM, SSD – all with ongoing cost estimates, and a summary of the total amount payable on the last day of the month.
99.999% guaranteed uptime

Our Clustered Server architecture means that if the physical node hosting your Cloud Server fails, the system automatically and immediately moves your server to another node. If your virtual machine or application experiences any network downtime, we guarantee to pay you back for lost time.
Scalable on demand

Deploy new configurations quickly. Changes are automatically and immediately requested from the Control Panel, and executed in less than a minute – in some cases without interrupting the service.

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