Eki 25, 2007 : NuBlue Offers Video Web Mail Solution

nublue.co.uk logoEkim 25, 2007 - UK-based Web hosting provider NuBlue Digital Web Solutions (nublue.co.uk) announced on Wednesday that it is now offering video Web mail services so customers can more easily keep in contact with loved ones and colleagues anywhere worldwide.

NuBlue says it is offering this new service to its customers at no extra cost and is more convenient than it seems because it doesn't require expensive software or video phones. Users can send and receive video emails through a browser interface and all he or she needs is a computer, Web cam and a NuBlue hosting account, says the company.

"Video email has been around for a number of years and often involved costly additional technology, such as phones and software," says Michael Ashworth, director of NuBlue. "However, the technology has advanced and simplified, making it easier to deploy. As a result, we've been working on integrating the Web cam application into our Web mail system for a number of months. We believe we're the first UK hosting company to offer this service to customers, free of charge and with unlimited video emails, as part of our overall hosting package."

Ashworth also says that with the latest laptops being launched with built-in Web cam technology, it shows how accustomed people have become to Web cams, which to NuBlue proves that the "vmail" industry is set for a lot of growth.

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