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This message is to be read by all and specially by Brooke Bryan and Nick Baker (Co-founders of JustHost)

As a customer of JustHost since December 2008 I've the following to comment:

1 - I've transferred my website registered with register.com to JustHost and bought several add ons, including Priority Support, Domain Privacy and Search Engine Submission by Submission Hub.

2- Since December 2008 I've trying to sort out the services I paid for and they did not comply with. I, even called Chicago from London-UK to speak with the manager. Was put on hold, and ask to call back in one hour or so. By my third attempt, finally I spoke with someone called Rizza, Risa (not sure how to spell), one of the administrative managers that promised the problem would be resolved.

3- It still going on.

4- JustHost is patronizing me, treating me with no respect, not being professional or courteous and taking money for services that are not being provided. Including the one I paid for Priority Support.

It is making me ill, stressful, wasting my time and soon I'm going to have a nervous breakdown due to this form of abuse and disregard to my person as customer and human being. The waiting game, transfer of tickets from one department to another and unsolved situation during months and months is putting an enormous pressure on me and affecting my well being and productivity.

5- My apologies to all for posting it all over the internet, but after 8 months of this soap opera drama I say: enough is enough. Believe, for months I've been trying to sort out this issue and have been played about by staff. JustHost website if full of false advertising, quick to take your money and without delivering the promised services.

Brooke Bryan and Nick Baker my ID in JustHost is amandai1. Take a look in Billing Events and Logs, and also open tickets not answered for days, even when on high priority or 911.

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