Business Cloud, £ 6,38/ Мес. на Linux/Windows облако

Business Cloud был обновлен на (добавлено ), Совокупный рейтинг (6.3 снаружи 10 от 111 отзывы)
5th Floor, Voyager House, Chicago Avenue
Manchester Airport , ENGLAND m90 3dq
☎ Телефон 0800 470 0425
☎ Телефон +44 (0)207 052 1717
☎ Телефон +44 (0)207 052 1716
☎ Телефон +44 (0)845 270 5570
  • 💡 Название плана: Business Cloud (sku #p39820)
  • 🔧 категория: облако / Linux/Windows
  • 💰 цена:£ 6,38/ Мес.(£ 15,95 после 12 мес.) НДС 20% НДС
  • 💿 дисковое пространство: неограниченный
  • 📶 Пропускная способность трафика: незамеренный
  • 💲 Настроить плату: свободно
🔌 Размещенные домены :неограниченный
🆓 бесплатные домены :1
📌 Выделенные IP :1
💳 Способы оплаты :Кредитные / дебетовые / предоплаченные картыPayPal
🔨 Панель управления :CPanel
🔧 категория :Резервное копирование
✍️ Варианты поддержки :Эл. адресСправочная службаТелефон / бесплатныйЖивой чатДоступно 24/7
🌏 Расположение сервера :Объединенное Королевство
скриншот Business Cloud от

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📜 Описание плана

Cloud platform
Low contention
Uptime SLA
My SQL databases- Unlimited
Free SSL Certificate with annual packages only
Stats2 analytics- 1 & 2 yr
FTP accounts- Unlimited
SSH access
Professional Email Mailboxes (main domain only)- Unlimited
Email Mailbox Size- 10GB
iOS / Android Support for Email Mailboxes
MySQL Databases Size- Unlimited
WordPress Ready
Drupal Ready
Softaculous App installer
Subdomains unlimited
Full DNS Management

Apache version 2.4.7
PHP Safe mode Off
PHP version 7.0
Redirects On
MariaDB 10.1.28
Custom error messages
Architecture x86_64
Operating System Linux
AW stats
Ruby on Rails
24 Hour support
Perl 5.10.1
Phone support
phpmyadmin 4.1.8
Video tutorials
cron jobs On
GUI File manager

The Business Cloud plan is designed for websites where uptime and performance is a must. It includes everything from the Essential and Business plans but also websites on this plan are hosted on the cloud infrastructure designed for improved reliability, speed, and performance. We guarantee the uptime of these servers with an SLA, and if you rely on your website to pay the bills, this is the plan for you.

Why Choose UK2 Web Hosting Providers?

Free Domain Name
All of our web hosting packages come with a free domain name registration! This is the ticket to enter your business into the online world, and it's already included in your hosting package.♮

Multiple Website Hosting
If you choose our Business Hosting or Business Cloud packages, we provide powerful hosting solutions for unlimited web hosting and ecommerce hosting at cheap web hosting prices, you can also run multiple websites simultaneously on any hosting package!

Fast as Lightning
Our web hosting packages include one-click installation of your favourite software such as WordPress! And just in case you want to go even faster, we offer add-ons such as CloudFlare CDN to accelerate loading speed even more.

Unlimited Limits
In almost all of our packages we include unlimited 10GB personalised emails, adding that professional touch to your business. We also offer unmetered bandwidth and website space. We won't slow you down!

Control Panel
Manage all of your products from UK2 under one roof: our easy-to-use control panel CHI makes renewing domains, managing websites, adding SSL certificates, installing WordPress, etc quick and easy. Upload and manage files and oversee all of your transactions in our billing section.

Expert Support
Our expert customer tech support is available at your fingertips around the clock, 24/7. You're never left facing a problem alone nor a question unanswered.

Security Matters
With our Business Hosting & Business Cloud accounts we include a free SSL certificate for a whole year! Don't leave safety to chance.

Global Network
With our 28 data centre locations, we can provide you with a comprehensive hosting service with a worldwide reach.

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