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План #37899, DreamCompute 2GB RAM, $ 12,00/ Мес. на Linux облако

DreamCompute 2GB RAM был обновлен на (добавлено )
Dream Host
DreamHost PMB #257 417 Associated Road
Brea , CA 92821
Телефон 714-706-4182
факс 714-671-9098
  • Название плана: DreamCompute 2GB RAM (sku #p37899)
  • категория: облако / Linux
  • цена:$ 12,00/ Мес. | Настроить плату: свободно
  • дисковое пространство: 80 GB | Пропускная способность трафика: незамеренный
  • Расположение сервера:
  • Оплата: Кредитные / дебетовые / предоплаченные карты
CPU / Сердечники :1vCPU
RAM :2000 MB
Размещенные домены :неограниченный
бесплатные домены :0
Выделенные IP :0
Способы оплаты :Кредитные / дебетовые / предоплаченные карты
Панель управления :[Внутренний]
категория :Полностью управляемый
Варианты поддержки :Эл. адресСправочная службаForumДоступно 24/7
Расположение сервера :Соединенные Штаты
скриншот DreamCompute 2GB RAM от dreamhost.com

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Описание плана

100 GB Block Storage included
Ideal for Websites
Max $12/month ($0.02/hour)

DreamCompute is the #1 open source cloud on the web. An open source cloud is immediately compatible with thousands of tools and applications, with millions of ready-made instructions and recipes to achieve your goals.

Open source is a core value at DreamHost. We incubated the scalable open source storage software Ceph, the networking software Astara and contribute to many OpenStack projects such as Neutron, Cinder, Oslo & Nova.

DreamCompute Cloud Infrastructure.

Our cloud servers are top of the line with all the bells and whistles you'd expect.

True Tenant Network Isolation

With OpenStack Astara, incubated in the DreamHost labs, customers can enable a private OCI Layer 2 network. Combined network virtualization technology with OpenStack's Neutron API means you'll have full control of your network from L2-L7, with isolation.
IPv4 and IPv6 Included

Every server in DreamCompute is assigned an IPv6 address along with a public IPv4 address. Private networking is optional for security-enhanced and complex applications.
Launch virtual servers in 30 seconds

Leveraging Ceph's copy-on-write technology, servers boot from thin-provisioned copies of OS images. That means efficient storage utilization and lightning fast boots.

Open source. Unlimited possibilities.

DreamCompute cloud servers are entirely powered by open source technologies like OpenStack, Ceph, and Astara. This open source cloud computing service is built to run all sorts of web and mobile applications, from digital media and ecommerce websites to big data analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT). DreamCompute is fully programmable, so if you can dream it, you can build it.

Go Beyond VPS
Full root access
Fully compatible with OpenStack API
Freedom to choose your OS: Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, Fedora and more.
Open Source to the Core
Powered by OpenStack and Ceph
Massive collection of tools and documentation
Community contributors
A Perfect Solution For:
Web developers
Application developers
Entrepreneurs and startups

Simple, intuitive controls
without sacrificing power.

DreamCompute was designed to help you achieve your goals. Whether you're just learning the basics of web development or are an expert developer of mobile apps, you'll find that DreamCompute is right for you.

Simple Web-Based Dashboard

Create storage volumes, configure your virtual network and create and manage snapshots all within the DreamCompute Dashboard.
Developer Flexibility

Programmatically deploy servers using OpenStack APIs or command-line tools. Deploy and configure your applications automatically with Ansible, Chef, Puppet or just cloud-init.
High Scalability

Scale your apps both vertically and horizontally by creating servers with additional resources (memory, vCPU, disk volume, etc) or spin up additional servers to handle similar or different infrastructure workloads.

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    $12.50 Monthly