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nublue.co.uk логотипLancashire Web Company launches high-performance global serving for UK businesses - Июл 22, 2015 - Lancaster-based web agency and hosting provider Nublue has released a new Smart Serve CDN (content delivery network) service for its web hosting clients. This method of serving significantly improves websites' speed and performance in other countries, giving UK businesses the opportunity to increase their market reach on a global scale. Some of Nublue's clients have already been testing the benefits of Smart Serve CDN for their own hosting, and the web company has now made the service ...
nublue.co.uk логотипNuBlue Offers Video Web Mail Solution - Окт 25, 2007 - UK-based Web hosting provider NuBlue Digital Web Solutions (nublue.co.uk) announced on Wednesday that it is now offering video Web mail services so customers can more easily keep in contact with loved ones and colleagues anywhere worldwide.

NuBlue says it is offering this new service to its customers at no extra cost and is more convenient than it seems because it doesn't require expensive software or video phones. Users can send and receive video emails through a browser ...