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ColoHouse Acquires Managed Cloud Services Provider, Lume Cloud

colohouse.com логотипСентябрь 14, 2021 - As part of its worldwide expansion plans, ColoHouse, a Miami-based supplier of colocation and cloud services, has acquired Lume Cloud, a managed cloud services provider offering private cloud, edge data center and hybrid infrastructure solutions.
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янв 24, 2019 - Colocation Provider ColoHouse launches Scrubbing-as-a-Service - ColoHouse (colohouse.com), a provider of colocation and managed services with carrier-neutral data centers located in Miami, FL, USA, as well as in The Hague and Spijkenisse, the Netherlands, has added DDoS protection services to its data center solutions offering.

DDoS attacks can degrade the performance and availability of a network. ColoHouse's Scrubbing-as-a-Service solution cleans all user data coming into a network and ‘scrubs' it through a series of global networks to ensure only clean data is transferred with no latency in the process.

ColoHouse's Scrubbing-as-a-Service model would allow the quick identification of an attack as it comes in and reroutes it to the mitigation ...
июл 30, 2018 - Top-10 Most Interesting Colocation Data Center Acquisitions of 2018 So Far – #HJPICKS - Every Monday, the HostingJournalist.com editorial staff will publish a special selection of editorial pieces on a certain topic or trend. The HostingJournalist.com editor's pick are being marked as # HJPICKS on our social media channels. This week we're providing you with a list of news items on the latest mergers and acquisitions within the global colocation data center market.

1. Equinix Acquires ‘Iconic' Infomart Dallas (en.wikipedia.org) Colocation Data Center for $800M – February 2018

Global data center and interconnection provider, Equinix, has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire the Infomart Dallas (en.wikipedia.org) colocation data center, including its operations and ...