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Vezi și inițial DOMAIN VALIDATION (DV) SSL CERTIFICATE locația planului pe site-ul web sursă!

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Domain Validation SSL/TLS certificates are a great option for securing personal websites, blogs, and other non-e-commerce sites. The process for validation is simple and painless. You simply must prove to the Certificate Authority (CA) that you own the domain that was applied for. This can be done within minutes via email, allowing the certificate to be issued within minutes of purchase and then installed immediately. Domain Validation certificates offer the same level of encryption strength as Organization Validation (OV) and Extended Validation (EV) certificates but lack the authentication aspect which helps to provide customers with a greater degree of trust. It also does not activate all of the SSL or "trust" indicators within the browsers; such as the trusted green address bar. To activate the green bar and make your site more trustworthy, you should consider an EV certificate. If you're running an e-commerce site or a website that collects user information, you'll definitely want to consider and OV or EV certificate.

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    • 💡 Plan: Certificato DV
    • 🔧 Categorie: Certificate SSL
    • 💰 Preț: 49,50/yr. TVA exc
    • 💲 Taxă instalare: gratuit
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    • Evaluare medie (10 din 10 din 29 recenzii)
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    256bit encryption
    Free Setup Activation
    2048bit Encryption
    Certification only www
    All supported browsers
    Supported mobile devices
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    The encryption system of SSL Certificates ensures that the data traveling through the network are recognized and readable only by the recipient.
    SSL certificates are recognized by search engines [...]
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    Validated domains: 1
    Delivery times: 1/3 days
    Organization validation: Yes
    Automatic validation: No
    www and not www: Yes
    SiteSeal: Yes
    Mobile Friendly: Yes
    Green Address Bar: No
    Warranty: $ 50,000