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build. 1, 3 Vasily Petushkov Street
Moscow 125476
☎ Telefon +7 (495) 514-05-73.
  • 💡 Nume plan: Premium one (sku #p39021)
  • 🔧 Categorie: DNS
  • 💰 Preț:$ 499,00/an
  • 💿 Spațiu Pe Disc:
  • 📶 Lățimea de bandă a traficului: nemăsurat
  • 💲 Taxă instalare: gratuit
🔌 Domenii permise :nelimitat
💳 Metode de plată :Carduri de credit / debit / preplătitePayPal
🔨 Panou de control :[Intern]
✍️ Opţiunile de asistenţă :E-mailHelp DeskDisponibil non-stop
🌏 Locații server :Rusia (Federația Rusă)
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📜 Descriere plan

Book Premium DNS service for any domain, located on your account.

Templates zones
Create the zone configuration templates and apply them to your domain, if necessary,

Export area
Export the zone file on your computer to save it and use at any time

Import zone
Download the file configuration zone, get rid of the need to make manual entries
History zone changes
Any unwanted change DNS records can easily rollback and restore if necessary

Anycast Network
Reservation of DNS-servers provide continuous availability of your website on the Net

Instant update the DNS-records
DNS records that you add or change, immediately appear in the Network
Editing subsidiaries NS
Updated registration mechanism of DNS-servers in the registry for international domains

Convenient editor zones
Sophisticated interface and all the necessary functionality and tips for easy DNS configuration records
Extended work with area
You can keep the DNS records prescribed for the domain as a template and use it for other domains, which also ordered the Premium DNS service. The ability to import the zone will be useful if you do not want to manually transfer a large number of zone records from your DNS-server and export zone will load the DNS entries on the local computer as a file similar to the BIND file. This will allow, if necessary to restore the zone file on any DNS-server.

Uninterrupted operation of DNS-servers
Information about the settings of your domain is stored on our servers in the DNS-reliable data centers. These servers are grouped together in the Anycast network, which allows for their stable and smooth operation. Even if one of the servers fails, the other will continue to work and your website and services at the domain will always be available. Information about the DNS records for your domain is fully replicated on each of these servers.

History zone changes
History zone change will allow you to restore the configuration of DNS records as at any time. This is useful if you have made incorrect changes to the record, if you accidentally changed the DNS-servers, or removed a necessary zone configuration, after which the site and the services on the domain stop working. You can instantly recover simply by selecting the configuration of the history of changes.

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