Cloud Business, € (la cerere) pe Linux/Windows Cloud

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Parque Multiusos, Areal Gordo Lt. 3A
Faro 8005-409
☎ Telefon +351 289 820 000
📠 Fax +351 289 820 002
  • 💡 Nume plan: Cloud Business (sku #p46644)
  • 🔧 Categorie: Cloud / Linux/Windows
  • 💰 Preț: (la cerere) TVA 23% exc
  • 💿 Spațiu Pe Disc: 200 GB
  • 📶 Lățimea de bandă a traficului: nemăsurat
  • 💲 Taxă instalare: gratuit
💪 CPU/nuclee :4 vCPUs
🔋 RAM :8000 MB
🔌 Domenii găzduite :nelimitat
🆓 domenii gratuite :0
📌 IP-uri dedicate :0
💳 Metode de plată :Carduri de credit / debit / preplătitePayPalTransfer electronicPlăţi prin bancă
✍️ Opţiunile de asistenţă :E-mailHelp DeskTelefon / Număr gratuit
🌏 Locații server :Portugalia
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📜 Descriere plan

Cloud server plans are especially designed for companies wishing to provide hosting services to a large number of clients with the same features of a dedicated server but at a more affordable price.

Cloud server plans are based on cutting edge technology that allows you to have a virtual private server (VPS) operating as a dedicated server without having to invest in acquiring and maintaining your own infrastructure.

** Cloud Start plan is not recommended for systems with Plesk or cPanel control panel.
*** Each VPS includes 10Mbs bandwidth, unlimited traffic.

cloud server features

Cloud servers feature an independently scalable operating system (Windows, Linux, FreeBSD ...) which allows for configuration according to the customer's requirements, allowing them to deploy any type of application (PHP, disable Safe Mode, install modules and custom applications, etc.).

Cloud technology allows multiple customers to share one server running independent operating systems and to scale on demand. Cloud customers benefit from cutting-edge hardware and connectivity whilst enjoying total freedom to run any applications at no additional cost.

Cloud server plans let you enjoy the benefits of a dedicated server at a reduced price when compared to shared hosting.
Cloud server main benefits

Does not require any initial investment to purchase dedicated server hardware and connectivity.
No hardware maintenance costs.
Does not require the installation of a dedicated server and becomes promptly available after the service subscription, boosting your productivity.
Freedom to choose the operating system.
Flexible and scalable, enables a virtual server to have multiple services running simultaneously such as web, email, and FTP services for unlimited domains.
All infrastructure and datacenter is owned, technically managed and serviced by Unlike other companies we do not outsource any of our services. datacenter is located in Portugal (Faro) and is equipped with top-notch technology (generators, UPS, redundant connectivity, 24/7 alert system, fire detection and extinguishing system).
Redundant fiber optic connectivity based on multiple providers.

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