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Cool Housing
Vinohradska 2405/190
Prague 130 00
☎ Telefon (+420) 220 000 900
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  • 💡 Nume plan: Tower colocation (sku #p51497)
  • 🔧 Categorie: Colocare găzduire
  • 💰 Preț: 27,89/luna TVA 21% exc
  • 💿 Spațiu Pe Disc: -
  • 📶 Lățimea de bandă a traficului: nemăsurat
  • 💲 Taxă instalare: gratuit
📌 IP-uri dedicate :1
💳 Metode de plată :Carduri de credit / debit / preplătitePayPalTransfer electronicBitcoin
✍️ Opţiunile de asistenţă :E-mailHelp DeskTelefon / Număr gratuitChat liveDisponibil non-stop
Alte caracteristici speciale :Real measurement of server consumptionSupport and access to DC 24/7Remote hands included in priceKVM over IP anytime for free
🌏 Locații server :Republica Cehă
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📜 Descriere plan

all Tower servers
connectivity to 1 Gbps
24/7 customer service
unlimited bandwith
power backup in price

Small tower, tower and big tower server types are stored on shelves but we may also accommodate servers in desktop type cabinets. Servers are placed in shared data centre rooms, where our technicians have 24-hour access seven days a week. If you require it, we may place sensitive servers in air-conditioned and safe boxes.
Service benefits

a server size and design that fits your needs
an energy efficient server for a favourable price
maximum optimisation of hosting costs
the ability to restart the server via hosting web administration


service deployment and installation for free
backbone server connectivity in our air-conditioned housing centre
unlimited monthly bandwidth
double connectivity backup
DNS reverse entry free of charge
24 * 7 access to serveroom free of charge
24 * 7 customer service
power supply backup by UPS and diesel generator free of charge
server restarts by phone/email
100 Mbps and 1 Gbps ports with connectivity
public IPv4 and IPv6 addresses


1× uplink with connectivity
allocated network settings
uplink terminated with a RJ45 connector
space on a shared shelf (backer rack)
1× 230V socket

Server dimension

We will accommodate any tower or desktop server in our data center. To determine the correct category, all that is needed is to calculate the case's volume (multiply all three sides of a case), convert the product to cubic decimeters (1 dm = 0.1 m; 1 dm³ = 0.001 m³), and compare the result with the following values.

x < 25 dm³ = SmallTower
25 dm³ < x < 50 dm³ = Tower
50 dm³ < x < 75 dm³ = BigTower
75 dm³ < x = Special case

Terms and conditions

the server must be supplied in the rack or tower format
server cooling must be directed from the cold to the warm lane
the server and equipment may not exceed the allocated space
the rack server must be supplied including the assembly set for the rack
for assembly of the rack server, a rack shelf can be used in the rack
one rack shelf or mounting kit can be used only for one server
the server must be secured against potential damage from ordinary handling
the maximum power consumption per server is 500W

We have split up the Server Housing services into four areas: Server Housing, Rack Server Housing, Farm Housing and Rack Housing. This classification was used to fit your needs as best as possible. In addition, each of these sectors has been subdivided so that the end service is just the one for you.

Stop venturing! Put your trust in professionals when it comes to your server.

Coolhousing Ltd are operators of their own dedicated data centre. Located in Vinohradska Street, Prague, our server farm has state-of-the-art equipment available due to which we are capable of providing top-quality services for your servers. Built-up from premium CISCO components, our network makes use of cooling served by multiple self-contained air condition units. The facility has permanent monitoring and a 24/7 operator ready to handle your requests. At the same time, there is a wide range of assistance services - just choose the one that suits your needs and let our specialists do the rest.

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