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Do not use Webcity for hosting your site!

They used shared hosting which is advertised as "unlimited" but in fact is "extremely limited".

I rang three times to update my email address. They failed to update it.

Your account is limited by CPU cycles. You cannot consume more than 5 times the average usage of the server you are on. What is this in number terms? Webcity can't tell you. Technical support can't tell you and the real actual server admins don't speak to customers.

You'll get an email being told your account is consuming too many CPU cycles. You need to reduce it. By what amount? Who knows! You optimise your account and wait. Did your account get suspended? If not, then congratulations, you managed to get your CPU usage below some magical unknown number. If it did, well, you didn't abide by the policies and they don't have to refund any money to you at all.

Their customer service is horrible. Long call hold times and then technical support don't know much.

Oh, by the way, if you call Sales, they will lie their a** off to make a sale. I rang and pretended to be looking for a new host. They told me no limit on accounts, no restrictions, my account would not be suspended if it went over some usage figure, that at most they would simply move it to another server and all would be well.

All of these statements were lies.

My account was suspended without notice. No email. No call. No note on the system as to why it was suspended.

My account was suspended two days after an email from a senior manager there advising my CPU usage was well below the limit.

Do not buy hosting from this company. Don't believe this review? Google webcity review.

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