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Fake reviews by TMZVPS

Web Hosting Reviews Real Or Fake?
So your looking for a Web Host RIGHT.?
What's the first thing you do when you find a Web Host online.
Search for reviews about that Web Hosting Company.

Now here comes the great issue with that.
The review that we all rely on."Could be fake".

What happens after you that read that great review about them.

You go to their website and sign up with that company for 1 month or worse 1 or more year plan,believing that their service is top notch.

Here is a great example:

You have the WIfe OF TMZVPS CEO Daniel posting fake reviews how great TMZVPS is and how fast their servers and support is Bla Bla Bla and that she has been with TMZVPS for about 2 years now.Her Email in her Review post gave her real name away.

Even mentioning how much better they are than other Web host's.
Even to go as far as mentioning the other Web Hosts name in the review.In This example their competitor Bluehost.

If this is what Hosting Companies like are doing to do get customers.

Whats the use of reading reviews .How are you going to know who's behind those reviews, are they real are fake?????

anybody want the proof I have all the evidence you need just pm me.

also see the below post.

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