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This is seriously the worst hosting company in the world and I wish I did not have to say it. It's not even the company its the holding company (Netfold) that is responsible for the lack of good management, the lack of a good platform for a reseller and the lack or lack of will to provide good well at support. All this has come to a head with me waiting for nearly two weeks to register one single domain. In frustration I went out to another company and bought the domain for my clients and had the website live all within 1 hour. Here is the history from my experience. I had a reseller account with web drive, that company backend was not too bad but the support was shocking. They never followed up and often I would have to tell them how to resolve things at their end. However, when they migrated my clients services to Open host, they actually lost some of my customers, put customers into the accounts and generally stuff it up. THEN, I had to deal with their back-end which never worked correctly. As a re-seller, we always check our pre-paid balance prior to paying a renewal or buying a new service but I figured out early that the balance that they published of their backend was different in different pages and as well as that so I would have to call them to try and get the right credit balance. Even that was a fiasco because they could not figure it out either. I would be put through to the accounts and then back to support. The phone system was so bad. I remember waiting online one afternoon from around 4pm to until 8pm online for help and had to end up going home without even being able to get through to support. I was fuming. The lady would tell me, hey all you need is in the online help section but even that was a nightmare. There was a huge heap of pages that were mostly out of date of the instruction just did not work. If you go to the website now and go to the bottom to a link that says in big letters "24/7 Customer Care. Need Help? 0800 128 128". However if you call that it seems to go to crazy domains and they have no idea when you give them you account details. You have to look at the top where in tiny print it says their support number. Note: Free Parking and Crazy domains are part of this group.

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