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I switched to them because they have fast servers. So it was at the beginning. 300Kb/sec.
Then I had to contact their customer service and, boy, what a nightmare. They are incompetent, un-responsive, and quite frequently just plain stupid.
First of all, their ad is misleading. It says: 2 domains free, ID protection free, domain transfer free but it turns to be that if you get 2 free domains, the ID protection or domain transfer are not free anymore. Or you can get one domain plus one ID protection. You learn this after you sign up and get the bill.
With time my site got slower and slower. And it was not the Internet part, it was the server. I show digital photos and the back end reads the image file, resizes it to fill the client's browser window, and records a click in the database. I measure timing of all this stages separately. I know that when the server is not busy, it takes 50 msec to read the file. Lately, I get 10 seconds for this. I started to complain as it was clear that the server is overloaded. As a result they sent me pre-formatted message about checking my Internet connection, tracerout, etc.
I told them again, that I measure the timing of processes BEFORE the page is served. Please do not send me "we checked you site and it is fine". The result is the same: "we checked you site from many locations, it is fine", "check your traceroute page" pasted as a response again. I checked how they were checking the site. One visit from Bulgaria (where it seems they are residing) to the front page. No clicks on the photos.
Then they accused me of abusing their resources (I have a couple of visitors a day) and warned me that 600Mb of traffic (for what period???) is too much.
I am moving away from them, I hope they will release my domains without problem. Stay away from them.
Oh, yes, and the "24/7 response" is not existing while they are sleeping somewhere in Sophia. They wake up close to 8pm PST.

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