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I made a purchase Online at Melbourne IT at 1.45pm on 30th May 2016. The purchase was for a domain name. I made the purchase on the recommendation of a Sensis Representative. Unfortunately that advise was not good as I can not use the domain name he recommended as it is too similar to another companies name and I do not wish to open myself to possible ligitation. As someone who is not very familiar with the IT world all I can do is follow advise given to me. I contacted Melbourne IT by phone at approximately 4.48pm 30/5/2016. I asked to cancel the product and for a full refund of the purchase $149.99. The first person read from a script and was totally unhelpful. I asked to speak to the supervisor. His name is John Patrick who refused to offer a surname for the record.I explained the situation to him and asked for some goodwill from MELBOURNE IT he blank refused to budge. Citing only terms and conditions. I asked for some compassion and the credit card purchase is still pending and still hasn't been completed as I type this review. Surely in less than 4 hours it is fair and good will to offer a customer a refund. Shame on you Melbourne I! You can still fix this by offering a refund now. Once again the tickabox mentality prevails. Why are companies such as Melbourne IT so inflexible. I even offered due to Melbourne IT inflexibility and bad will to purchase another product in lieu of one I purchased but again Melbourne IT refused. Essentially they would lose no money but still they would not accept. Totally exasperating that a surpervisor can be so INFLEXIBLE. He offered some kind of upgrade on the existing product which I can not utilise and which I explained to John Patrick. His words that's all I can offer. In the end Melbourne IT terminated the call at 6.09pm. I was not abusive or rude and MELBOURNE IT your lack of compassion in customer service is totally unacceptable. If I could give a zero score I would. Tghe ball is in your court to resolve this complaint to my satisfaction. To this point I have received NONE.

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