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I think they're on autopilot!

I have (or had) two domains on LinkSky. They came highly-recommended several years ago.

They used to have in-house support with an actual phone number, chat, forum etc. Now they're using a thing called "ZenDesk" (I'm assuming "ExasperationDesk" was taken). You may be able to cry for help 24/7 but they work .001/.001!

This all came to a head when some genius at LinkSky decided to "add security" to WordPress, with another username/password screen in front of wp-admin. Unfortunately, they didn't mention it to anyone, which left users totally screwed (at the mercy of ZenDesk -- same same).
ZenDesk threw some junk at me (which didn't work, and they didn't even try it first or they'd know it didn't work) and closed the ticket! KA-CHING! (then they did it again -- same non-solution!)

I've been locked out of one site for MONTHS now! The other domain I finally just move to another host a week ago because I wanted to deploy WordPress on it, but didn't want to dive into this quagmire a second time.

In reference to my summary, I have to assume whoever ran/owned LinkSky has move to Bora Bora and is either content to just "milk" the remaining customers or is nursing the fantasy that they're providing support on the cheap.

I wonder if they'll catch on while their business is still viable?

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