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I see a lot of below average "stars" and less than happy reviews. Ours, however, is NOT the same. We have THREE platinum shared domains/websites operating through HostBlast. We find them to be honest, reliable, available and very quick to respond to ANY and ALL issues we have had. Those have been very few. In 3 years time, maybe 4 issues. We have been provided with at least 99% uptime on our server and that is simply awesome.
ALL of our issues were fixed within within 72 hours of notification. Most of those were completed within 12 hours of sending in the problem notice. We'll be with them for the long hall. Cheapest most dependable service provider we found.
With offices and servers in the US and Europe, we can cover all time zones with little to zero lag time. We are very satisfied with HostBlast and its staff. It's quite different than the companies we used in the US, and their being different and far better is a refreshing outlook for what we do.
Save your money and try a different approach to those "conglomerates" with their subdivided provider services at high monthly costs, numerous outages and poor service. We did, and we are not turning back.
~Alexa Shaw, Professional Photographer

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