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Host Blast
1295 Avenue of the Americas, Sixth Floor
New York , NY 10104
Tel +1.6467765898
Fax +1.6467765898
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I must agree with the last 3 reviews you get what you pay for. Cheap hosting, if you can get them to activate. I signed up and paid for the service by paypal, received receipts from them confirming payment received yet one week later still getting payment request now 3rd and final notice. One reply to my first support ticket and absolutely nothing since. I have sent them copies of the receipts received from them as well as the pay pal transactions showing payment and nothing. I have tried calling their listed phone number and it is not connected, no one is ever on the live chat which is rather useless unless someone mans it at some stage. It is becoming extremely frustrating it makes me wonder if they are actually interested in keeping subscribers. I say not and am about to let paypal know of their non delivery of service and ask for a refund of my payment. Although not a lot of money the point is they have been paid, they are still asking for payment and no one bothers to reply.
Anyone thinking of using them should not bother as no service.

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