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Start Time: 11/21/2013 16:57:30
End Time: 11/21/2013 17:19:28
Operators: HostBlast Support
Department: Technical Support
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[08:57:30] HostBlast Support: Dear abhijit das, Thank you for contacting us! How may I help you?
[08:58:11] abhijit das: my cron job is not working. so i created a ticket but your staff deleted the ticket
[08:58:19] HostBlast Support: Please hold on while I check this for you.
[08:58:48] HostBlast Support: which cron job is not working?
[08:59:09] abhijit das: no cron job is not working
[08:59:17] HostBlast Support: Did we provide you with any cron job when we activate your account?
[08:59:33] abhijit das: yes
[08:59:51] abhijit das: even it is running some days ago
[09:00:00] abhijit das: but now it is not working
[09:00:04] HostBlast Support: We only provide you with cron server to run commands at a specific time
[09:00:15] HostBlast Support: If it is not working =, you need to contact your developer
[09:00:32] HostBlast Support: We only provide you with cron service* to run commands at a specific time
[09:00:40] abhijit das: what do you mean by specific time?
[09:00:46] HostBlast Support: Do you know how to set a cron job ?
[09:00:56] abhijit das: yes.
[09:01:05] HostBlast Support: Do you set a time or duration when you set it?
[09:01:23] abhijit das: yes. every 4 min
[09:01:28] HostBlast Support: That is what I mean
[09:01:38] HostBlast Support: The server does only that part
[09:01:52] HostBlast Support: Do you need to see the log ?
[09:02:17] abhijit das: i have seen error log but no error
[09:02:46] HostBlast Support: I am not referring to error_log. The server has a cron log to see if a cron command runs
[09:02:55] HostBlast Support: I see your cron is running
[09:03:25] abhijit das: how can i view that?
[09:03:47] HostBlast Support: If you are the owner of this server, you can login as root and see it
[09:04:01] HostBlast Support: since you are not the owner =, I can only copy and paste the log here
[09:04:17] abhijit das: what i'm the owner
[09:04:43] HostBlast Support: The owners of the servers are us
[09:04:47] HostBlast Support: you are not the only one on the server
[09:05:27] abhijit das: Ok. then why i'm not getting the cron job email
[09:05:32] HostBlast Support: Why don't you contact your script provider?
[09:06:13] abhijit das: if it's running then, why i'm not getting the cron job email
[09:06:28] HostBlast Support: That is the same question we ask from you?
[09:06:33] HostBlast Support: The script should send the emil
[09:06:39] HostBlast Support: email *
[09:06:45] HostBlast Support: why does not it send it?
[09:06:53] HostBlast Support: Who designed this script?
[09:06:57] abhijit das: i
[09:07:02] HostBlast Support: ask them why
[09:08:15] abhijit das: after executing a cron jobs. corn job will automatically send a email. so, why i'm not getting it. that is my question
[09:08:19] HostBlast Support: We are not sure
[09:08:41] abhijit das: you are not sure?
[09:08:52] HostBlast Support: It is not the server that send the email. It is your script that sends the email
[09:08:57] HostBlast Support: Yes, we are not sure
[09:09:00] HostBlast Support: Is there anything else I can help you with today?
[09:10:33] abhijit das: why i'm not getting cron jobs execution email.
[09:11:52] abhijit das: hey?
[09:12:01] HostBlast Support: Is there anything else I can help you with today?
[09:12:43] abhijit das: look you just ans my question. why i'm not getting cron job execution email.
[09:12:58] HostBlast Support: I did already. we have done that several times. can we close your account if you are not satisfied and think that the problem is with the server?
[09:13:33] HostBlast Support: You can try with another provider and realize where is the problem
[09:13:33] abhijit das: what type kind of ans is that?
[09:14:06] HostBlast Support: That is the answer that we have to give you when you do not accept our answer on this
[09:14:50] abhijit das: i paid you. so, i need correct ans.
[09:15:12] HostBlast Support: The CORRECT answer is >> The PROBLEM is with your SCRIPT
[09:15:35] abhijit das: just one more question?
[09:15:54] HostBlast Support: Yes, please
[09:16:30] abhijit das: some days ago my script is working perfect? i didn't change any thing, so, why it's not working now?
[09:16:50] HostBlast Support: You are still asking the same question.
[09:17:15] abhijit das: i'm using the same script and same cron job command.
[09:18:57] abhijit das: ok. i'll share the conversation on forum and ask them who is write?
[09:19:12] HostBlast Support: You may need to read our TOS before doing that
[09:19:13] abhijit das: ok. good day.
[09:19:22] HostBlast Support: Thanks for chatting! Have a nice day !
Operator HostBlast Support has left the chat.
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