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Good at price, terrible at support

You got what you paid
this company provide very cheap webhosting.

Basically They will denied almost every request
and if you claim for something they will
told you that it's(anything you claim) all wrong because another 600 clients don't report anything about that.

Only one thing that I can request from them is
to change php setting (magic_quote_gpc = Off)
You can't even change this basic php setting by yourself
the configured php to not parse setting from .htaccess and also no custom php.ini

They denied to add custom dns records.(It's a bit complicated reason that I want to change the record (not just to use their server as nameserver))

They often cite about their 600 clients which of course not related to any topic in your support ticket.
And obviously(by searching the internet) other client have topic against them too.

last month I show them uptime log from host-tracker
reported that they have only 97.5% uptime
I know some reasons about the downtime
(It's because their local dns server refuse any Name Resolve Request)
My website module need to resolve some domain name.
This raise errors in my program and downtime in this month
(Now they changed back to normal)

Host-Tracker may have some error in network but not for an hour.
I look into the details of errors and downtimes I conclude that they have a lot of experiments with their server last month
(eg. disable local dns server to prevent network request from php program)
I also ask them to change "99.9% Uptime" on their homepage to "97% Uptime"
And this is what exactly they told me
Our all servers are working fine without a single minute downtime.
Its there were internal server error issue it can be your script issue not server issue and the provided results are not related to our server, contact who provided you these results.
We are not doing any experiments, there are 600+ clients and no one reported like you.

Let me know if you have any questions in the meantime."

I will continue host my websites with them
because of their very interesting prices
I don't recommend anyone use this hosting for production
but you can do a lot of things with this crap
(eg. you can test you website before you move it in place,
Their server is nginx based which pretty fast for non-dynamic content but this is sometimes unstable and get Internal Server Error or downtime)

Last thing I want to emphasize
"You got what you paid"
Don't expect anything from their support system.

PS: I'm not a native English :-P
We don't offer to change our Standard php settings for individual clients.
If we start doing so then one day one client bad review here asking I request for root password of server and this company not provided, lol
If you need custom settings then better use VPS or Dedicated server (at this point you are right "You got what you paid")
host-tracker don't show 100% accurate uptime case it check every 60 minutes.
If it found down at 01:00 it will check again at 02:00 and mark entire hour down time. So it host-tracker showing 97% its means there is almost 99.99% uptime because uptime tracer always have +/- 10%
Secondly we offer server uptime gurentee. If you site down itself we cant help in this regards. The site scripts are your own responsibility.
First I want to say you have done TOS violation here, As per TOS you can't disclose ticker reply etc anywhere. Yes review is your right but its not means you disclose such info. But want to say Our reply is correct and no user have such issue like you.
Custom DNS record are not created by us (if you are searching about us on internet it will be better for you if such about this) Custom DNS always created under Domain registered Panel Like GoDaddy etc.
Our All server all stable and we are providing 99.9% to 100% uptime
If you are against with it Prove it with real example not just lies.

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