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Dynamic Hosting
PO Box 51035 Rockingham Ridge
Halifax , NS B3M 4R8
☎ Phone +1.866.567.8464

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Dean Hall ( dean.hall@d... )
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Appalling hosting. They do NOT have 24/7 technical support. They hardly ever answer the phone and it would take me an average of 4 hours to get a reply when the server went down, which was usually daily.

When I complained about service the first time they blamed my scripts. When the website began crashing daily, I received advice that a "bad domain was causing the problems and should be fixed now". Then I received an apology from them stating:

"I'm really sorry about this, it's not the service that you should expect and I apologize for that. We can migrate your site to a new server in a new data center that is much more reliable then the server / data center you are in now. Thank you very much for all your patience."

When the problems still did not go away, I complained to the BBB and got the following response:

"We have just been notified that you have made a claim against us with the BBB. In your claim, you state that our servers are at fault when in fact it is your script that causes our server to have issues and inconveniences our other customers. I am absolutely appalled that you think this was a good idea especially after we have notified you of this problem on multiple occasions.

We have refunded your payment on your visa card in full for the month of March and are terminating your account with us in 48 hours."

So as you can see, they deal with complaints by simply terminating your account! No wonder they say their clients love them, because they terminate everyone elses account with 48 hours!

BBB Complaint at: http://bbbmp1.no-ip.org/complaint/response/18560/c/bfouow

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