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185 Cape Road, Mill Park
Port Elizabeth , EC 6001
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If I could give this 0 stars I would! It’s been an absolute FREAKSHOW. I cannot believe they call themselves a company! I applied for fibre at the end of April 2023. Within 3 days I got confirmation that they would come install my router (since there was already a line). They came that Friday and started installation, until they said the fibre line was too long and that I should wait for maintenance (they left all wires open in my garden in the rain). Maintenance NEVER SHOWED UP. Called them multiple times that day, the next day, the next Monday and Tuesday. They showed up Wednesday evening and again was so rude it was unbelievable. Then the next problem (that took a week to resolve) cane up. Our router was not registered. Had to send them images and struggle for another few days. This brings us to yesterday (17 May) and they said it’s active, yet I have no internet connection. Now they are demanding payments within 24 hours or my line will be suspended and my account will be cancelled. What am I supposed to pay for? I have been yelled at, sworn at and disrespected this while journey AND I STILL HAVE NO INTERNET.

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