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Disgusting Service from Axxess

I am utterly disgusted by the service given to my parents. I am currently in china and they call me everyday to try and help them sort out the issues they face with the provider.

A special arose and my mom found interest and decided to sign up for fibre. They where told it came with free installation...she is later told that she has to pay for installation and the router and all sorts of other costs which came up to R1240.00.

They said they would install within a week and still nothing. My parents called, emailed them every week with no help at all. Eventually Senior Management asked that they be given one more week as they are given a month to install and a month would only be the following week. A month passed by and still nothing.

My parents called again to complain a week after the month passed and eventually people were sent to install yet it was still not working. They call them to make them aware and were then told to make another payment of R350.00 to activate. After back and forth for 3 days my mom decided to pay.

She was told it has been activated yet it is still working. This morning she called and asked that they please send people to come and assist them because it is not working. They were told it's not there problem if they can't get it to work, no one will be sent.

I am so upset right now, how do they expect my parents to make it work. Now they will continue paying for something that was installed late and does not work.

At this point you need to send someone to fix it or come take all your things and refund them!!!!!!!!

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