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2x4.ru is the best offshore hoster !

first i want to say that the other guy which wrote that he would be from "zionnetwork" was a FAKE, probably a hater, which tried to DDoS us and gave up unsuccesful. ;)

here now my review (excuse my bad english, thanks):
Many of my projects the last years i am hosting with 2x4, they never disappointed me.

their range of products to choose from is huge, for all kind of purposes you can find the right hosting plan. the uptime is very high (approx. >99,99%). if they dont have something fitting to your purposes on their website, they can give you individual offers.

the ddos-protection is one of the best on the international market for this price and without a question the best for projects which need high data-security ("offshore").

the general price of the servers is for russia cheap! we all know there are other countries which are cheaper, but the security and good routing of russia (especially to europe) you can not find anywhere else for this prices. managed services are very very cheap compared to other international hosting companies. also additional features like IPs or more RAM are very cheap.

the support, especially the ICQ support (german, english, russian), is always friendly and tries to help you finding the best solutions for your needs. the ticket support usually answers within minutes to maximum about 30-60 minutes.
i saw many 2x4 accounts the last years of many people which i helped and often i saw that they ask sometimes very stupid questions (me also, i dont know much about servers compared to others), still the 2x4 support answers you friendly and even helps you with linux if you are friendly too, and NOT charging you 25€ / 15 minute so called "remote hand" like many other hosters...

the 2x4 control panel is easy to use, pure and simple and with that very fast. even with all my proxy servers it is reacting nearly instantly.

i know my review sounds like "too good", but believe me, i tried nearly all of that so called off-shore hosters the last years and the best experiences i was making with 2x4.

if you need help you can ask in my forum or me directly. also 2x4 has now a very good german supporter, for all the germans out there.

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