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Peter Edmond ( -no email- )
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Originally I used the 'normal' hosting, and it was painful getting things done correctly. I should note that I would consider myself a 'power user', so I was pushing what should be possible. Trying to get decent support under these circumstances proved virtually impossible.

I have now switched to root servers (to avoid having to deal with customer support), and to be fair I consider the package to be excellent value for money. Also, as a dedicated server user, you get access to a slightly higher calibre of staff. The problem is that trying to contact this small team is very difficult to do.

Worse still, I have now had 3 issues where domains (and the root server) disconnected from the internet. This was due to 'auto triggering' black listing and disconnection. Eventually it turned out that because the server was declaring itself as 'localhost.localhost', it was being treated as a compromised server. Unfortunately this disconnection contributed to my loss of a fairly important customer. Trying to get hold of the right person to deal with the problem was time-consuming and painful. To be fair, if I get this type of problem again,I'd know where to go within 1 and 1 to solve the problem.

The root server provides a Plesk control panel that is more than adequate for my needs, and provided I have connectivity I have no real need to contact the customer support.

With all hosting companies, there is a problem with getting to the correct person to solve a given problem. 1 and 1 is pretty painful with respect to doing that on the phone, BUT their email support is very good as it is completely recorded, and although for complex problems it may take a few days to sort out, the system does work!

As for cancelling domains....this can be messy! Make sure you follow the process to the letter, or it won't happen! Then again, I've had similar issues with other hosting organisations. They are definitely a little over zealous in this area.

Overall, this may not be the best hosting company out there, BUT I now understand how it works, and IT CAN provide the level of service required for a commercial organisation (just sometimes a bit painful). I will continue to use them until someone provides a better alternative.

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