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Have basic domains and a simple hosting package. They are primarily used for web forwarding and also hosting one website, and for email forwarding. All of which they have done adequately (If not brilliantly) for the last few years.

My major dig is that they recently decided to do something about the level of spam passing through their mail servers. A grand idea, but a big step and one which should be thoroughly tested first. Instead, it would appear that they unleashed their new system, untested, onto their users and were then surprised when it fell over.

The result? I have known missing emails from over a week ago. The first note of a problem appeared on their support site on thursday. An email to them to provide additional information on the problem and to ask some questions that were not answered on the support site received a reply quoting the site verbatim and suggesting that I check the page for updates.

A series of new posts on the site offered ways of getting email past their server, none of which work if you have not received a bounce back email at all. On monday a followup appeared which basically said "Sorry, it's still broken". A final test from me involved manually sending an email with SMTP using telnet. The email was accepted and thus far I have received neither the original email, nor a bounce back. I don't know if the missing mails are languishing on the server or if they have just been deleted. And despite this clearly being a major problem which should require rapid work, no-one appears to have done anywork on the problem outside of office hours.

I strongly suspect that Pipex's acquisition has had negative effects. In my experience these guys weren't this bad before.

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