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Time Hosted: 3 to 6 months
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
Stay away from OVH
OVH gives you the server then runs away. Their answer to every problem is a hard reboot or an OS reinstall. Unfortunately, they just don't care about the customer. Had problems installing the o/s (Win 2008 R2) - no help with that. Once up and running, it ran fine for 4 months, then started acting erratically. Their first suggestion was a 'hardware check' which they did but did not share the results. Next suggestion was a complete o/s reinstall. Finally, it rebooted itself every couple days into their WinPE on boot partition. At that point, I gave up and moved to another provider.
bokan (sebastien@p...) /
Time Hosted: over 3 years
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
OVH Provide hardware and bandwith, not software
OVH provide hardware and bandwith and they do it extremely well for the best price of the market. For this price they don't provide managed servers, nor any software service. This missunderstanding is the cause of all disapointed customers I see here. Most of unhappy customers are people who think OVH have to provide working server. No, they provide working hardware, wich is different.

I have 3 OVH servers for more than 7 years and I'm in charge of a dozen more for my customers. During this time all hardware failures (hard drives and ram) have been repaired in less than 40 min. We experienced only 2 big problems, one was a major failure in a shared datacenter that caused big routing problems in all European datacenters during one afternoon (not OVH fault), the other was a problem with OVH failover IP system, they repaired it after 3 hours.

If you rent a server, you will have a control panel to partition drives according to your wishes and install or reinstall the operating [read more...]
MJ76612-OVH (jjmt@u...) /
Time Hosted: 1 to 2 years
Global rating
Best price, if you don't experience issues it's great
I've been with OVH for 2 years and everything's been terrific, except some small network problems every now and then.

Their prices are really good. I was warned by some friends that are big fans of OVH that support isn't great, but it's fine as long as you're a competent sysadm and you don't experience issues with the hardware or the network.

As far as I can remember I experienced only two downtimes in two years, and overall I'm quite satisfied by the results. Great value for money, although I can't say anything good or bad about they support.


Services: Web HostingDomain Registration


OVH combines a multitude of advantages in terms of hosting: whether you are looking for a professional solution or a quick, effective and easy way to build your project on the Internet, we are here to reassure you and point you in the right direction.

Take advantage of our vast experience in hosting and choose the credibility and performance of our solutions.

Already more than 380 000 users have been trusting us for 11 years (more than 2 000 000 domain names), helping to grow our reputation throughout Europe: today OVH is the No. 1 web hosting company in France and second largest in Europe. .

Join us and come on board on the OVH adventure: our 4 datacentres housing more than 80 000 machines are ready to welcome you.

OVH administers:

* 2 000 000 domain names
* 80 000 dedicated Servers
* 7 600 000 hosted sites
* 380 000 customers

OVH infrastructure...

OVH has its machines installed in several datacenters in Paris and its surroundings:

* Paris 19, datacenter owned by Ovh, 2700m2, capacity: 350 rack space, available offers: servers for websites, web hosting, dedicated servers lease, administrators' service: 24/7
* Paris 11, datacenter owned by Free Telecom, 300m2 capacity: 180 rack space, available offers: housing, ip transfer
* Redbus, datacenter owned by Redbus, 3000m2
capacity: 53 rack spaces
available offers: housing, IP transit
* Telehouse 1, datacenter owned by Telehouse, 1500m2
available offers: ip transit
* Telehouse 2, datacenter owned by Telehouse, 2000m2
available offers: ip transit
* Global Switch, datacenter owned by Global Switch, 15,000m2
available offers: ip transit


* optical fibres network connected in double safe circulation
* connections of 2 * 10 Gbps minimal traffic
* IP multihomed network is passing through 3 independent transit providers,
* multiple peering through peering points in Paris, London, Frankfurt and Amsterdam,
* total bandwidth of network 120Gbps

Web hosting:

* Hosting protected against breakdowns,
* cluster composed of 1500 servers,
* balanced load,
* 80TB of disk space available for file servers,

Dedicated server:

* high density hosting, based on dedicated servers, produced and mounted by Ovh,
* up to 42 servers in a rack space,
* power supply secured against overvoltage,
* redundant air conditioning,
* redundant network Cover
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About: Founded in 1999 by Octave Klaba, OVH is an independent company that specialises in web hosting. It’s the number 1 hosting provider in Europe. OVH also offers related products and services, such as domain names, emails, and internet access.

Whether you’re looking for a professional solution or a quick, effective and easy way to build your project on the web, OVH is here to support you.

We’ve grown in leaps and bounds over our 15 years of existence. We now host more than 2,900,000 domain names and 180,000 servers for the 700,000+ users throughout the world who put their trust in us. We’re also proud to have one of the biggest datacenters in the world: our Beauharnois datacenter in Canada that houses 350,000+ servers.

OVH (established 1999) is a Self Owned entity having 3527 followers on LinkedIn and 501-1000 employees, industry Internet.

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pere (peregrin1900@y...)
Time Hosted: under 1 month
Global rating
Customer Relation horrific service, terrible company
It's been said all over the web, but OVH has terrible service, rude representatives and is unresponsive. I'm pleased that we found out how terrible they are up front and were able to leave quickly.
Jordan Dyckes (admin@p...) / kimsufi
Time Hosted: under 1 month
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
Awful Support, Kimsufi are rubish.
I should have known the pricing was to good to be true, the servers we're sold as Intel i7's no where did it mention they're ancient models. The servers are slow, their network lags and fails to achieve above 10Mbps.

The level of support was atrocious when I asked for a refund, they just kept excuses coming my way; I just want to cancel and get a refund, not even had half the blasted things for 3 days yet.

The complaints department doesn't actually exist, it directs you to their landlord.

Stay clear from this hosting company, I hope they read this and issue me a full refund.
nick (ovh.service@e...) /
Time Hosted: under 1 month
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
Shocking service

This review is intended to alert the owners of OVH and their investors.

Your Hardware performs great and your ping in Europe is great.

Your staff is not knowledgeable on cPanel, how to connect to servers, server terminology to say the least.

I have rented servers for 8 years from companies like and - they have comparable rates and 100X better service and support.

The ONLY reason I am 'fighting' to keep my OVH server is because you offer SSD + SATA setups - together with Corei7 Chips - these are fast and can perform well for my needs. The other companies dont offer these - YET.

When they do offer them and your service is as it is today I will pull my business away from OVH in a "New York Minute"

good luck -

I DO NOT recommend OVH to anyone that is not a server administrator and has time to work on the server because OVH does not seem 'able' to help. AND in the case that you pay for a ticket to be fixed they have no problem [read more...]
Ruud (admin@s...) /
Time Hosted: 6 mo. to 1 year
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
Good price but terrible support, critical tickets are not answered with a full week. Calling helpdesk is no option, they know nothing and only forward tickets. Advise from me is do not host here if you want a secure and good server.

And do not pay in advance, they took down my server without notice to me. Saying i hosted illegal content, this is bullshit and i never got my money back (paid half year in advance!)

Casiquesi (minecar@t...)
Time Hosted: 1 to 2 years
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
Good servers and good price. Not support 24h. Servers in France - good ping for Europe, but not for the rest.

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