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Time Hosted: over 3 years
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As a reseller we have been using LFC Hosting since July of 2011 and have been happy with their service and responsiveness to issues.
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About LFC Hosting

Loose Foot Computing Limited (LFC) has been creating and hosting professional web sites since 1996. We specialize in the technical support of online business activities, rather than bulk web hosting. LFC provides innovative global electronic commerce solutions, excelling in speed, reliability, technical support, and in providing the advanced capabilities of the Internet to business of any size. LFC currently hosts thousands of web sites for clients in over 90 countries worldwide and is growing at a rapid pace, winning many prestigious industry awards along the way.

Read about our unique, all-inclusive approach to web hosting that gives businesses the distinct advantage over their competition.

In addition to web site development, hosting, and e-commerce, LFC provides custom software services, co-located hosting services, and much more. When it comes to putting your business on the web, LFC is your one stop business service provider.

LFC Hosting is an award-winning provider of both shared and co-located web hosting solutions in addition to our e-commerce applications, web design services, and custom software development services.

LFC CorporateTo ensure the success of your business online, it is important to consider not only your web host's price, product, reliability, speed, and customer service, but also its history, present and future goals, reputation, and policies. This is why we have made all of our corporate information available to you, our existing or soon to be customer.

LFC Hosting provides a unique, highly affordable, business-oriented approach to web hosting. A whole array of non-standard features and capabilities that competing hosts simply cannot provide, even with their "e-commerce" level plans, are highly accessible and easy to implement for businesses of any size, providing you with new possibilities for doing business online.

Our superior reliability, customer service, network response times, and the many innovative advanced features and developments go beyond a standard Internet presence and have made LFC a leader in the industry. Your business gains a distinct advantage over your competition by making full use of the many back-end capabilities of the Internet.

Our award-winning all-inclusive approach includes essentially everything you will ever need to do business online, allowing you room for expansion. Starting at only $9.95 USD/month, our business-oriented plans include:

* Many free domain names and e-mail accounts
* Plenty of disk space and bandwidth
* Support for virtually every database (including MySQL 5 and SQL Server 2008 at only $9.95 USD/month!) and development (PHP 5, ASP, .NET 3.5, Perl, JSP, CF) platform available
* E-commerce, SSL, and unbeatable SPAM and Virus protection
* ... and to top it off - a state-of-the-art 24/7 support and uptime guarantee with no setup fees and 30 days free!

There are no hidden fees, so you don't pay extra as your site grows. This differs from the strategies of most other web hosting companies, who 'capture' clients with a cheap package, then later collect various hidden fees for extra services and sacrifice support and reliability as another means of reducing basic package costs.

LFC has been in the business of providing dependable Internet business solutions since 1996 and now services thousands of clients in over 90 countries by, quite simply, offering a higher quality of service with many more features - everything you need to conduct secure e-commerce - at a lower overall cost than competing services.

"Bulk" Hosting vs. "Business" Hosting

In today's saturated hosting market, most hosts concentrate on providing the most disk space, bandwidth, etc. at the lowest price, while sacrificing customer service, reliability and support for valuable back-end capabilities. This results in a string of hidden fees with plans that appear attractive on the surface.

Conversely, LFC Hosting's business-oriented approach and up-front pricing (starting at only $9.95/month) packages many more valuable features that are typically available only to large companies, making them accessible to businesses of all sizes. Moreover, our hosting plans vary only in terms of resource quantities. This means that, no matter what your technical needs are now and down-the-road, you can rest assured that you are supported with every single LFC Hosting plan - and without additional charges or upgrades.

Bottom line: If you are still not hosting with LFC, your business is not realizing its full potential online by not taking advantage of LFC Hosting's all-inclusive business-oriented approach, superior customer service (rated #1 by many industry sites), reliability and speed that give your business the distinct online advantage!

LFC is ideal for a wide range of users, from business people to Internet professionals, developers and resellers. For example, all plans are fully e-commerce ready, but priced like other hosts' basic plans, starting at only $9.95 USD/month with support for over 50 features free-of-charge - everything you need to support growth for years to come!

LFC Hosting has been providing innovative online business solutions since 1996, winning many prestigious industry awards along the way, and now serves thousands of clients in over 90 countries. Count on LFC to keep your site stable, available and secure! Read what separates LFC Hosting from our competition.

"Windows" Hosting vs. "Linux" Hosting

In accordance with LFC Hosting's all-inclusive approach, we are unique in seamlessly offering full support for Windows-native capabilities like ASP 3.0, .NET 3.5 (+ ASP.NET) and SQL Server 2008 as well as UNIX/Linux technologies and scripts like PHP 5 and MySQL 5 with the same hosting plan!

How is this possible?

Although we run Windows 2003 in the foreground, over half of our network is actually Linux. Windows 2003/IIS 6.0 servers are employed in the foreground to ensure optimal performance and stability of Windows capabilities (which typically only work well under Windows), as well as an increased level of security over a single platform. Then, "redirectors", router "port forwarding" and proprietary LFC technology "forward" all requests for Linux-specific technologies (ex: MySQL 5 databases and JSP/Servlets) to the appropriate Linux server clusters in the background!

LFC Hosting also takes full advantage of Linux's inherent network stability and performance by using it for all of our key network services, such as our load-balancing and fault-tolerant LVS directors/routers, disaster recovery systems, network monitoring systems, mail and backup servers, Control Panel, etc.

This process is transparent to you and your website visitors, but effectively achieves the best of both worlds. Thus, if you traditionally required a UNIX/Linux host, LFC Hosting is still the right choice!

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PlansWebsite Products

Shared - Windows Keep mouse
over features!
PriceDisk Space Transfer UpdatedFree Domain /
Starter - 15GB Space 500GB Bandwidth, ASP, SQL - 9.95featuresLFC Hosting was built with business in mind and is centered on reliability and unsurpassed customer service. Starting at only $9.95/MONTH, LFC's plans are fully e-commerce ready but are priced like other hosts' basic plans, including 15 GB of disk [...]
Plan URL : https://www.lfchosting.com/plans/
$9.95/mo.15 GB15 GB
Business - 25GB Space, 750GB Bandwidth, Unlimited POPs, ASP, SQLfeaturesLFC Hosting was built with business in mind and is centered on reliability and unsurpassed customer service. Starting at only $9.95/MONTH, LFC's plans are fully e-commerce ready but are priced like other hosts' basic plans, including 25 GB of disk [...]
Plan URL : https://www.lfchosting.com/plans/
$14.95/mo.25 GB750 GB
Corporate - 50GB Space, 1250 GB Bandwidth, Unlimited POPs, ASP,featuresLFC Hosting was built with business in mind and is centered on reliability and unsurpassed customer service. Starting at only $24.95/MONTH, LFC's Corporate plan is fully e-commerce ready but are priced like other hosts' basic plans, including 50 GB [...]
Plan URL : https://www.lfchosting.com/plans/
$24.95/mo.25 GB1250 GB
Enterprise - 4000MB, 450 POPs, ASP, SQLfeaturesLFC Hosting was built with business in mind and is centered on reliability and unsurpassed customer service. Starting at only $34.95/MONTH, LFC's Enterprise plan is fully e-commerce ready but are priced like other hosts' basic plans, including [...]
Plan URL : https://www.lfchosting.com/plans/
Colocation - Linux/Windows Keep mouse
over features!
Price Transfer UpdatedDedicated IPs
LFC Colocation - BasicfeaturesLFC Hosting offers an affordable and reliable solution for anyone serious about Internet business and looking for a place to locate their equipment. Their award-winning state-of-the-art climate controlled environment gives you the peace of mind [...]
Plan URL : https://www.lfchosting.com/colocation/
$64.95/mo. $50 Setup Fee 200 GB
LFC Colocation - Advancedfeatures
Plan URL : https://www.lfchosting.com/colocation/
$169.95/mo. $50 Setup Fee 500 GB
Reseller - Linux/Windows Keep mouse
over features!
PriceDisk Space Transfer UpdatedFree Domain /
Reseller - Unlimited, BRANDED CP, Aliased NSfeaturesLFC Hosting's Reseller Plan makes reselling web space a breeze with the ability to manage Unlimited domain names, space, bandwidth, e-mail accounts, scripts, and account settings automatically. LFC also offers aliased nameservers, separate FTP [...]
Plan URL : https://www.lfchosting.com/plans/
VPS - Linux Keep mouse
over features!
PriceDisk Space Transfer UpdatedFree Domain /
LFC-256featuresThe LFC Hosting network was built with business in mind and is centered on RELIABILITY and unsurpassed CUSTOMER SERVICE. Control PanelThe popular and powerful SolusVM control panel is included with every Linux plan. We also offer options for cPanel [...]
Plan URL : https://www.lfchosting.com/vps-plans/
$7.95/mo.20 GB300 GB

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LFC Hosting Upgrades Bandwidth - LFC Hosting (lfchosting.com) announced on Wednesday it has made a major upgrade to its bandwidth infrastructure, which supports all of LFC's hosting plans.
The Web host provides a Gigabit Ethernet-based network, featuring throughput with full redundancy and room for expansion. This significant bandwidth infrastructure upgrade is designed to provide faster, more reliable and scalable service."Since LFC's inception, our mission has been to provide an extremely high-quality reasonably-priced hosting service that includes everything a small business needs to leverage the Internet with unsurpassed support and packaged through a consolidated business-friendly system," says Robert Sauchyn, LFC president. "This is why, unlike many other Web hosts, we are consistently upgrading and improving our infrastructure to give our clients the distinct advantage over their competition online."LFC is now located on the backbone of three major providers, Big Pipe, Rogers Telecom and New Global Telecom, ... [search all lfchosting.com news]

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- Beginners Guide To Hosting Masternodes - In the cryptocurrency world, there are a lot of ways of earning and making money. The most important thing is to choose the best way that suits you, according to the various risks and rewards ratio. ...
- LFC Hosting Proud To Introduce LFC File Integrity Monitor - For the last few years, we have been working on a File Integrity Monitor software that helps our clients out who have been hacked. Getting your site hacked can be one of the most expensive problems ...
- Cellphones Are Today’s Currency. - If your an entrepreneur today, do you understand the social and financial impact cellphones is having on your business? They are the remote controls for people making their way through life. If you're

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Phil Elm (phil.elm@f...) / code4computers.ca
Time Hosted: 1 to 3 months
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
Absolutely Terrible Service, Horrifying Control Panel
These guys are absolutely terrible. In all my hosting experience, I've NEVER seen hosting this bad.

The control panel is out-dated and incredibly hard to use. It still has full support for Microsoft FrontPage! (Microsoft themselves say not to use it!)

Their support is absolute garbage. One of their respondents went as far as to tell me that the person who I get my info from (which turned out to be me) " has no idea what he's was talking about and must be new to the job".

I'm fed up with this service.

In my experience, BlueHost and HostPapa both offer great service for much less. (I'm personally going over to HostPapa.)

I don't care who you go with, just DO NOT go with LFC Hosting.
Hi Phil,

I am terribly sorry that you feel this way, I thought we had a great relationship with you and we worked with you to correct many issues you had with your own coding etc. Even the comment about Front Page is confusing to me because you asked us this question and we made it very clear that because we have many older clients still using it so we still support it for them. In fact here is the exact text to your question on that: "As for why we support FrontPage still, it's still been in high demand among our older clients, so we continue to offer it. It has, however, been removed from our newest webserver."

Simply because you would prefer to use Cpanel and we do not offer it is really not a reason to trash a company. Our control panel is a proprietary control panel which was built in house with the input of our clients and the panel is still continually evolving to meet our expanding clients needs.

I am sorry to see that you have gone out of business after such a [...]

Customer service representative (ns@l..., ).

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