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-anonymous- (-hidden-)
Time Hosted: 3 to 6 months
Global rating
на луну ставил винду 7ку. РДП отваливается через несколько минут. получаешь замороженный экран. только закрытие и реконнект. особо перезагрузок с их стороны не было. в норме. скорость ядра небольшая, раза в 1.5 меньше других провайдеров. тест октане 2.0 на портейбл опере одинаковые версии.
поставил программу управления другим сервером. вижу - пишет нет коннекта по 3-7 минут. потом появляется.
запустил копию на другом хостинге - коннект есть.
так понял есть сетевые проблемы.
у них план хостинга за 9 р в мес - можно мини-сайт запустить. больше возможностей у них не вижу.
на firstvds такой же мини впс (512 рам 7ГБ ССДи) работает раза в 1,5-2 раза бстрее, диск раза в 3-5 быстрее. рдп вообще не отваливается. ценник почти таой [read more...]
-anonymous- (akisoft@g...)
Time Hosted: under 1 month
Global rating
самый ужасный vds хостинг из тех, что я пробовал. сессия ssh отваливается каждые несколько минут. помучался пару часов, плюнул на все, и купил себе хостинг у другой компании.
Олег (esklad24@m...)
Time Hosted: 1 to 3 months
Global rating
Очень часто ложатся ДНС сервера.
Вот сейчас 2019.11.26 уже более суток лежит!
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Inoventica Services is Russia’s largest provider of cloud services and a Top 5 IaaS provider in the country. Inoventica Services has its own Slidebar cloud infrastructure, offers a wide range of SaaS applications and its own InoSphere Cloud Service management and billing technologies.
Formula for Success

Our own communication channels
Our own Data Centers
State-of-the-art equipment from major vendors
Wide range of software applications
Information security
DDoS protection
Cloud Service management system
Inoventica Services has a track record of 15 years of providing first-class hosting and IT-outsourcing services. Our Data Centers currently support over 2000 web sites and hundreds of physical servers for our clients.

Inoventica Services is part of INOVENTICA Group of companies. INOVENTICA Group is the first IT operator in Russia to build public, hybrid and private clouds on a national scale, by offering its clients access to a single common pool of distributed information and computing resources managed by the group’s member companies and partners and based on the Group’s own infrastructure.


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PlansWebsite Products

Shared - Linux/Windows Keep mouse
over features!
PriceDisk space Transfer UpdatedFree domain /
TUX1 $1.09/mo.1 GBunmetered
Golf $1.09/mo.1 GBunmetered
TUX2 $3.91/mo.7 GBunmetered
Middle $3.91/mo.7 GBunmetered
TUX3 $5.47/mo.15 GBunmetered
Business $5.47/mo.15 GBunmetered
TUX4 $7.82/mo.30 GBunmetered
Luxury $7.82/mo.30 GBunmetered
Dedicated - Linux/Windows Keep mouse
over features!
PriceDisk space Transfer UpdatedRAM /
Dedicated IPs
RAM : 4000 MB
CPU : 2 x 3.1GHz
$37.89/mo.1000 GBunmetered 4 GB
RAM : 8000 MB
CPU : 4 x 3.1GHz
$50.03/mo.2000 GBunmetered 8 GB
RAM : 16000 MB
CPU : 8 x 3.2GHz
$74.29/mo.4000 GBunmetered 16 GB
VPS - Linux/Windows Keep mouse
over features!
PriceDisk space Transfer UpdatedRAM /
Dedicated IPs
RAM : 1000 MB
CPU : 1 core
$3.91/mo.20 GBunmetered 1 GB
RAM : 2000 MB
CPU : 1 core
$7.82/mo.40 GBunmetered 2 GB
RAM : 4000 MB
CPU : 2 cores
$15.63/mo.80 GBunmetered 4 GB
RAM : 6000 MB
CPU : 4 cores
$34.39/mo.100 GBunmetered 6 GB
RAM : 12000 MB
CPU : 6 cores
$85.97/mo.200 GBunmetered 12 GB
Cloud - Linux/Windows Keep mouse
over features!
PriceDisk space Transfer UpdatedRAM /
Dedicated IPs
RAM : 1000 MB
CPU : 1 core
$13.75/mo.20 GBunmetered 1 GB
RAM : 64000 MB
CPU : 24 cores
$583.01/mo.500 GBunmetered 64 GB

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-anonymous- (aw1a5re5t8h1u1a@p...)
Time Hosted: under 1 month
Global rating
I wasn't satisfied with their service and queried a refund.
Inoventica Services have avoid providing me a refund, despite following their own policies and pointing them to consumer laws that state I’m entitled to a refund.
At this point I have no option but to initiate a dispute through my payment provider as this behavior is completely unacceptable.
This company appears to be ran by a bunch of kids that want to keep all the money to themselves, even when they are not entitled to it.
-anonymous- (-hidden-) /
Time Hosted: 1 to 3 months
Global rating
very bad service!
I cancel my order now.
4 weeks long I write tickets for support in Russian, German and english and never become a solution.
the administration works only with cyrillic. adresse form only for company in Russian

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