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Kenny W (lordyuanshu@g...) /
Time Hosted: 1 to 2 years
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel; efficient FreeBSD VPS Hosting
I've had my fair share of hosts over the last 10 years, but the last few years I have been at Hub and I don't think I am changing. Am using a few FreeBSD VPS' at and they perform very well. Marc is tremendous at analyzing resource use and ensuring hosting is efficient. Started off with $1 for FreeBSD VPS Hosting for the first month.

Most importantly I pay for the resources I use; meaning as the sites grow in traffic and use, the plan grows accordingly so I am not over-paying for resources I don't use (and not getting overages for going over my plan). I really appreciate that type of attention to detail to my account, shows Hub cares about the bottom line of my business.

Anytime there is a question, support returns promptly without belittling me and they provide the insight needed.

Negatives would be that it is a smaller operation and sometimes takes a bit to respond, but that is generally on the weekends so it is forgiven :) .


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About has been a provider of affordable professional web hosting services for businesses of all sizes since 1997. With 300 servers in Panama running over 1500 domains, we have been providing world-class connectivity with exceptional security. is a proud supporter of open-source software development and offers a large choice of web hosting applications. For more than ten years we have provided clients with plans, service levels and technical support that consistently exceed expectations. Whether you are an experienced developer, or new to the world of websites, our staff will ensure that you get everything you need from a basic home page to supporting online e-commerce and workgroup solutions.


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Website Description: Whether you own multiple high-volume websites or are just setting up your first site, is the easiest way to get hosted online.
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Server Software: Apache/2.4.33 (FreeBSD) OpenSSL/1.0.2o|PHP/7.1.18
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ISP Name / ISP URL: Venus Business Communications Limited /
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JBM (millsonb@s...) / no way-I don't want my site killed
Time Hosted: 1 to 2 years
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel is the worst --BY FAR --of the four web hosts I use. Their interface is very limited -doesn't allow you to restart your server or anything. Software is limited to Wordpress and Webalizer/AWStats. Site frequently goes down for hours. Customer service always responds but is slow. Often receive e-mails asking for more money and then, after questions, they say it was a mistake.
Let me address these concerns, though I am unsure if this is a real review / former hosting account.

We never e-mail arbitrarily asking for money (though we do give a heads-up email when any given account is set to have an overage of resources for their plan). Software is not limited to WordPress and Webalizer; those are two options among many. We have accounts running Drupal, Joomla, Ruby on Rails, OpenACS, etc.

That said, at the time of this review (Winter 2010) we lacked the redundancy we now have, along with many other hardware improvements that have since boosted the efficiency of our hosting services.

Customer service representative (marketing@h..., ).

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