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About Equinix

How can we ensure the vitality of the information-driven world? That's what our founders asked in 1998, when the Web was revolutionizing information-sharing between businesses—and exceeding its capacity for growth.

The answer? Use their expertise to offer businesses a place to reliably run their operations and securely exchange critical information.

Realizing this vision took perseverance, dedication and commitment. Large-scale data centers were created, offering the highest levels of reliability and security. But most importantly, these centers gave major networks and businesses a place to interconnect. Networks around the world and companies that pioneered Internet content began connecting across rooms, not geographic distances. Soon, enterprises and financial companies—also needing to connect to multiple networks—joined this thriving community, and an information ecosystem was created that became more vital with every new customer added. As digital media, social media and cloud applications continue to spring up in this new era of the digital age, Equinix enables global and emerging businesses alike to deliver their applications with higher performance and reduced latency through Platform Equinix.

The world's top businesses rely on Platform Equinix to grow, expand geographic reach, improve application performance and protect their digital assets. Equinix connects businesses with partners and customers around the world through a global platform of high-performance data centers, containing dynamic partner ecosystems and the broadest choice of networks.

Today, Equinix, Inc. (Nasdaq: EQIX) operates International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centers in 38 markets across 13 countries in the Americas, EMEA, and Asia-Pacific. The ideas on which we were founded remain just as true today in our responsibility to ensure the vitality of an ever-growing, information-driven world. Equinix's mission is to protect, connect and power the digital economy.

Our Vision & History
When our founders started Equinix, they envisioned a place where the information-driven world could grow and thrive.

As the company looks forward, we remain dedicated to the advancement of the information-driven world. This means that we will:

protect, connect and power the digital economy;
constantly strive to evolve and share our industry insights with our customers;
continue to make necessary investments to expand and scale to our customer's needs;
act upon industry trends that will affect our business and the businesses of our customers;
cultivate a rich interconnected ecosystem of the top networks, carriers, ISPs, and business partners in the world.

Chapter One: In the Beginning
1998 - 1999
Equinix was founded in 1998 by Jay Adelson and Al Avery, who were conducting research at Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) where they developed an idea that would later become the PAIX®*, or the Palo Alto Internet Exchange. During this time, the Internet was expanding at an unprecedented rate.
Early on, Adelson and Avery recognized the need to provide physical connection points where networks could interconnect via a neutral party to avoid the competing interests of telecommunication providers. Adelson and Avery called this neutral party a Neutral Internet Exchange (NIX).
Their business idea was simple, yet groundbreaking—create physical places for networks to exchange critical information.
Adelson and Avery sought to unite major networks and interconnect content companies. They built data centers not just for colocation but for exchanging traffic. In April of 1998, several of Silicon Valley’s elite invested in their idea and on June 22, 1998, Equinix was incorporated.
On July 27, 1999, the first-ever International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data center was built in Ashburn, Virginia. The DC1 IBX included the signature architectural elements still found in many of today's IBX data centers including the mantrap, five levels of biometric security and the red silo.
* PAIX is a registered trademark of Switch & Data Facilities Co., Inc.

Chapter Two: Growth and IPO
1999 - 2000
In 1999, the Equinix management team was coming together and its primary goal was to help Equinix attract networks. The company goal was to open IBX data centers in 40 cities in two years.
During this time, the Internet continued to expand at breakneck speed, but it was still inefficient, causing major slowdowns. To better handle the growth of the Internet, seven major networks planned to join forces and interconnect with each other under one data center provider’s roof. They chose Equinix. Once the major networks established a Point of Presence (PoP) in Equinix data centers, content companies began to come to Equinix in droves, looking to reach the eyeballs of the major network customers.
In August 2000, the Equinix IPO raised more than $270 million.

Chapter Three: Survivor
2001 - 2002
As the dot-com bubble burst, the entire industry was sent into a tailspin. Many telecommunications companies left the colocation data center business. Equinix stayed true to its original business and proved to be one of the few survivors.
Having just opened the largest data center in the industry at that time, the company was in a tenuous position. By the second half of 2002, the economy showed signs of recovery. In December 2002, Equinix restructured its business to gain financial stability and acquired Pihana Pacific and i-STT, two network-neutral data center providers serving the Asia-Pacific region. By December of 2002, the company restructured its debt, and Equinix set out on a growth plan.

Chapter Four: Rebirth
2003 - 2004
Experts say Equinix survived the dot-com meltdown for one reason: if it shut down, the digital economy itself would be compromised. The seven major networks that joined forces to choose Equinix data centers to create an interconnection hub, and their customers, helped sustain the company for the long run.
Equinix began to expand by purchasing the data centers left behind by the telecommunication companies that abandoned the data center business during the dot-com bust. In October 2003, Equinix subleased a data center located in Santa Clara, California. By 2004, Equinix was one of the best-performing stocks on the NASDAQ.

Chapter Five: Global Expansion
2005 - 2007
By 2005, Equinix was aggressively growing. The company leased seven new data centers. But by 2006, the market had settled and customers’ requirements for colocation and interconnection were changing. The company began to build the next generation of IBX centers, better suited to handle new high-power density operations.
Through 2007, Equinix continued to expand in the United States and Asia-Pacific with expansions in key markets such as Tokyo, Singapore, Washington, DC, Chicago, New York, Silicon Valley and Los Angeles.
Then, in September 2007, Equinix expanded into Europe with the acquisition of IXEurope, giving the company a presence in France, Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. This was quickly followed by the acquisition of Virtu to expand our footprint to the Netherlands. These deals strengthened Equinix's position as the world’s leading data center and interconnection provider.

Chapter Six: Dynamic Ecosystems
2008 - 2010

Heading into 2008, Equinix extended its reach beyond networks and content companies and into financial services. Equinix's network-rich data centers offered interconnection options and proximity that were naturally beneficial to the transactionally-heavy requirements of financial service companies. Paired with the robust physical security and reliability of Equinix's IBX data centers, the trading exchanges and financial services companies chose Equinix as their provider. In doing so, they discovered an "ecoystem" of business partners within their industry to which they could directly interconnect. By being in close proximity to their partners and end-users within the same facility or same metro area, they realized enormous gains and efficiency in exchanging traffic.
Since then, the dynamic nature of the organic "ecosystems" of networks, business partners and end-users available within the data center extended to other vertical industries. Ecosystems for other vertical markets including enterprise, digital media, IT services, cloud and mobility surfaced. In 2010, with the digital economy poised to grow at unprecedented rates, the company purchased Switch & Data, the number two data center provider in North America, re-positioned itself as a business enabler and launched Platform Equinix.
Platform Equinix combines our state-of-the-art IBX data centers, our global footprint and our unique ecosystems to enable the application performance of emerging businesses in the digital economy such as digital media, cloud, social media and gaming companies. They need to scale an architecture to meet their bandwidth-intensive applications and reduce latency to their end user. Equinix has become a key partner in the operating plans of many of the world's digital businesses across multiple vertical industries.

Chapter Seven: Looking Forward
2011 and beyond
The expansion of Platform Equinix into South America took place in early 2011, by taking a controlling interest in ALOG Data Centers of Brazil. The company also stated its goal of reaching two billion in revenue by the year 2013. Equinix is constantly evolving and seeks to act upon industry trends that will significantly impact the businesses of our customers. At the foundation of this effort is the Equinix Promise, which starts with a common purpose: to protect, connect and power the digital economy inspired by our dream that Equinix will be the interconnection point for the world's leading businesses.

As the company looks forward into 2011 and beyond, we will continue to dedicate ourselves to help power the digital economy. This means that we will:

constantly strive to evolve, cultivate and share our industry insights with our customers;
seek opportunities to continue to expand in key markets;
act upon industry trends that will affect our business and the businesses of our customers.

At Equinix, our vision and expertise are at your service.

IBX Data Centers

When you locate inside an Equinix International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data center, you get industry-leading operational expertise, standards compliance, world-class physical security and a high-performance network ecosystem where your most valuable information is safeguarded.
Peace of Mind When It Matters Most

With Equinix, you can expect to find a best-in-class colocation provider that delivers:

Reliability – We build our data centers with full UPS power, back-up systems, and N+1 (or greater) redundancy with a proven industry-leading 99.9999% uptime record.
Robustness – Equinix’s robust Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning (HVAC) system handles the demanding and sophisticated cooling requirements of high-power density deployments.
Recovery – Using our IBXflex space family of products, our customers have developed “branch office” business continuity solutions or NOCs to monitor their operations.

Proximity to your partners, customers and networks to boost performance.

Improve your performance and accelerate your growth by being in close proximity to your potential customers, technology partners and the top networks in the world. You can have instant access to:

675+ networks
10 of the top 10 Internet content companies
10 of the top 10 global MPLS providers
250+ cloud and 450+ IT service providers
60+ exchanges and trading platforms
400+ buy- and sell-side firms
150+ financial service providers
2 of 3 global GRX fabrics for mobile carriers operated by Equinix
24 of 35 GRX operators for global data roaming services

Expertise to help scale your business.

Our industry-leading team of technical experts has configured some of most complex data center installations imaginable for the world’s most demanding businesses. Our customers rely on us to recommend cage, suite and power solutions that meet their requirements for physical security and power usage.

Colocation Services

With proven expertise in power management, our data centers feature full UPS power, back-up systems and N+1 (or greater) redundancy.

Effective and efficient cooling infrastructure that is robust enough for the most complex high-power density deployments.

Cages, Suites and Cabinets
Our technical experts configure some of the most complex data center installations imaginable.

IBXflex Space
All the services you need for virtual branch offices or business continuity solutions.

Standards & Compliance
Equinix is committed to operating facilities that meet the rigourous standards and compliance needs of global businesses.

Platform Equinix
Increasing digitization. Exponential growth of mobile, video and global IP traffic. More applications, more data, more network, booming cloud opportunities. In a shifting landscape, you need insight and agility to prosper. You need to master these transitions to capture growth.
Benefits of Platform Equinix:

With Platform Equinix, you gain a partner to help speed your growth.

Scalability – The widest worldwide availability of over 6 million square feet and growing to ensure your operations can scale.
Global Reach – The broadest footprint of data centers across 38 key markets in 13 countries and 5 continents.
Choice – The greatest aggregation of 675+ networks to ensure performance and offer the power of choice.
Technology – Over 3,900 potential technology partners to deploy world-class solutions.
Proximity – Exposure to over 4,000 potential customers who can immediately use your services.

Other domains: http://www.equinix.com.au, http://www.equinix.ie, http://www.equinix.nl, http://www.equinix.ae, http://www.equinix.de, http://www.equinix.fr, http://www.equinix.cn, http://www.equinix.co.jp, http://www.equinix.com.br, http://www.equinix.sg, http://www.equinix.hk, http://www.equinix.se, http://www.equinix.fi, http://www.equinix.ch

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News / Press release

Switch Datacenter Group Sells Amsterdam AMS1 Data Center to Equinix for €30M - Switch Datacenter Group has announced the transfer of its AMS1 colocation data center and operations to Equinix, Inc. (Nasdaq: EQIX) – in an all-cash transaction for €30 million ($34 million). Switch Datacenter Group sees it as a logical next step on its path to strengthening their focus on the colocation wholesale market and customer-specific site development for enterprises and hyperscale customers.
Over the last couple of years, Switch Datacenter Group has evolved from a high-end ...
Google Selects Equinix’s Los Angeles Data Center for Curie Subsea Cable Landing Station - Google has selected Equinix (equinix.com) for its Los Angeles area cable landing station (CLS) supporting the Curie subsea cable system, the first subsea cable to Chile in the last 20 years. In the U.S., the Curie subsea cable will land directly at the Equinix LA4 colocation and interconnection data center located in El Segundo, California.
Google has selected Equinix as its CLS at Equinix LA4 due to the company's expertise in delivering and managing cable landing stations. The Equinix CLS ...
Equinix Invests $20 Million in 1st Phase of New Helsinki, Finland Data Center - Equinix (equinix.com) Helsinki data center, HE6
Global data center colocation and interconnection company, Equinix, will build a new data center in Helsinki, Finland. This data center, called HE7, will provide interconnection and colocation to businesses to support their IT transformation initiatives.
Helsinki is a digital gateway bridging the gap between Russia, the Baltic States and the rest of Europe through direct digital routes. Helsinki's strategic location is reinforced by strong ...
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Social Networks

Equinix (est. 1998) is a Public Company entity having 30107 followers on LinkedIn and 1001-5000 employees, industry Internet.
Equinix Blog  Using Wordpress version 4.8.1. Blog added on 2012 Nov, with total 772 articles, language en-US. See recent blogs summary posts:
- How to Speak Like a Data Center Geek: Ecosystems - Equinix passed our 20th birthday last year, so for our 20th installment of the “How to Speak Like a Data Center Geek” series, we are taking on the topic of ecosystems. The timing is not a coincidence
- Decentralized Network Architecture Trends: What’s Driving the Need? - If you've been involved in IT management in any way during the past ten years, you've no doubt noticed network architecture is being transformed. It's trending toward a decentralized model where enter
- Do You Have a Digital Edge Strategy? - By working closely with our customers to help them develop their digital edge strategies, we have identified four essential steps that, when combined, speed digital transformation and remove ...

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