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About ColoServe

ColoServe is your best choice for San Francisco colocation because we are a division of ServePath, a true 24/7 hosting operation with over 2000 business customers worldwide. Our screaming-fast network™ features multi-homed bandwidth with connections to over 45 networks, all ready to go in a single connection to your equipment.

ColoServe’s world-class San Francisco data center was originally built as expansion space for MCI but never used. As part of San Francicso’s largest and fastest growing ISP, we are also able to deliver many services not available from most data centers, such as dedicated server hosting, managed security services, Email filtering, shared Network Attached Storage, and disaster recovery.
Rock-Solid Finances

ColoServe is a division of ServePath, which has no investors and no equipment leases or debt. The company is 100% employee-owned and operated. We are profitable and have been cash flow positive for each of the past three years. These days, financial infrastructure is a bigger risk to service reliability than facilities infrastructure. All of the bankruptcies of the last few years prove that debt load has been more disruptive than power failures, with many of the largest names in colocation closing facilities or changing hands with little advance notice.
Screaming-Fast Network™

ColoServe operates its own screaming-fast network™, featuring multi-homed bandwidth with connections to over 40 networks. We route traffic over major

Tier 1 Internet backbones such as UUNet, Level 3, NTT/Verio, AboveNet and PAIX with no low-quality bandwidth and plenty of network capacity for maximum reliability and scalability.

Our network also peers with 37+ networks at Switch and Data’s PAIX (Peering And Internet eXchange) in Palo Alto, including Yahoo, Microsoft, Cogent/PSInet, Akamai, UltraDNS, CENIC/CalREN2 (University of California system and Stanford), and Japan Telecom. PAIX is the largest Internet Exchange point in the world, where major Telecom carriers, Internet providers, and content networks exchange Internet traffic.
World-Class Facilities

All of our company employee-owners work on the data center raised floor. Great service requires us to be as close as possible to our customers, so we built our offices right on the raised floor in a portion of our new 20,000 square foot data center. With more than a third of our hosting customers outside of the US, we are a true 24/7/365 operation, with System Administrators on-site at all times.

Our data center was originally built by MCI/WorldCom so we now share generators, power, cooling, and fire suppression infrastructure with MCI. Because local phone service (and therefore 911 service) is routed through the building, it is considered an “essential” facility, with dual 2 Megawatt generators and 20,000 gallons of diesel on site, plus other infrastructure improvements to support the critical operations of the building. With all of the seemingly compelling virtual data center tours and claims from the Web sites of many ISPs, we invite you to come take a look at our facility in person.

Why ColoServe?
Former MCI data center in exclusive Telecom Building

ColoServe offers a wide range of colocation options in our new Spear Street data center. This 20,000 sq. ft. facility was built as expansion space for MCI in 2000 but never used. Today all our power, generator and cooling systems are provided by MCI, which occupies the 3 floors above our data center for phone switches that provide essential local and 911 phone service. These infrastructure systems are therefore built to the highest standards, including dual redundant diesel generators on site with dual 10,000 gallon diesel fuel tanks, and are tested monthly according to MCI’s stringent regulations.

The building itself sits directly on a large outcropping of solid bedrock that also supports a tower of the Bay Bridge just 1 block away. It was originally used by the Army to store tanks, and has been seismically retrofitted to exceed stringent San Francisco building codes, with further retrofitting by MCI prior to occupancy. MCI, AT&T, and ColoServe are the only building tenants, and Both MCI and AT&T provide all their local phone services to the city of San Francisco from the building, making it an essential facility built to the highest telcom standards.

24/7 On-Site Engineers and NOC

ColoServe has true System Administrators on site 24/7, not just security guards like in many data center facilities. Because we are a division of ServePath, a dedicated server hosting company with over 2000 business customers worldwide, we must have technical staff on site at all times to maintain our network and dedicated servers. Midnight in San Francisco is 8AM in London, which means that true remote-hands help is always available for Linux, FreeBSD, or Windows.

We have a large on-site NOC that is always staffed where our network connections, power systems, customer equipment, security scans, and more is constantly monitored.

Great location close to San Francisco’s Financial District

ColoServe’s San Francisco data center at 360 Spear Street is just 3 blocks south of downtown and can be accessed conveniently from anywhere in the Bay Area. We are less than 2 blocks from the Bay Bridge, Embarcadero, and the Transbay Bus Terminal, with easy access to all freeways, BART and buses.

Multi-homed, Tier 1 Bandwidth Ready to Go

ColoServe provides ready-to-go, Multi-homed Tier 1 Bandwidth (MCI, Level 3, NTT/Verio, AboveNet and peering at PAIX) in a single connection. Unlike many data center facilities where you have to arrange for your own bandwidth at significant cost and choose from one or two providers, we operate our own screaming-fast networkTM that is available as an option to all our colocation customers. Because our parent company ServePath has thousands of dedicated servers under management using the same connectivity, we are able to offer this high quality bandwidth at very attractive pricing.

Carrier Neutral space is also available if you wish to bring in your own network connectivity. Our data center has 7 fiber providers already installed, including 3 metro Ethernet providers, and our building is located in one of the most wired blocks in San Francisco, with a large portion of the Bay Bridge Fiber Consortium (trans-bay fiber) terminating directly in our building.

Managed Services

As a division of ServePath, San Francisco's largest and fastest growing web hosting company, ColoServe has a large on-site technical staff and has developed a range of managed services that you will not find in many data centers. Optional services include Network Storage, Managed Firewalls, Managed Load Balancing, Security Audits, Managed MailFilter Spam/Virus blocking, and professional services for custom application management and system administration.

New Cat 6 Cable Plant for 10Gbps Capability

ColoServe has upgraded our data center cabling from Cat 5e to Cat 6. This gives us the ability to handle 10Gbps ethernet links that will be standard in the near future, and optimizes performance for current Gigabit ethernet connections that are becoming popular with higher bandwidth applications.

The general difference between category 5e and category 6 cabling is in the transmission performance, and extension of the available bandwidth from 100 MHz for category 5e to 200 MHz for category 6. These improvements provide a higher signal-to-noise ratio, allowing higher reliability for current applications and higher data rates for future applications.

Free Remote Power Cycling

All ColoServe customers get the use of remote power cycling equipment at no additional cost! If your server locks up and requires a reboot, why wait for a technician to do a manual reboot while your business is losing money? With the remote power cycling you can log in to our secure, password protected customer portal and instantly reboot your own servers. Learn More

Private Customer Portal

All ColoServe customers have access to our private customer portal, From a secure login you have access to reboot your servers with the remote power cycling, view your bandwidth and data transfer statistics in real time, order and configure managed services, run free security scans of your IP addresses, view and print your invoices, open, view and update technical support tickets, and update your account information.

Full 100Mbps Connection

Some Internet service providers limit your bandwidth and throughput. At ColoServe, you always get a full 100Mbps burstable fast Ethernet connection to the Internet for maximum performance (some special unmetered connections will be capped). You may not always need it, but it is nice to know it is there to handle any sudden spikes in your traffic.

Stable, Debt-free Company

ColoServe is a division of ServePath, a self-funded, 100% employee-owned California corporation with no debt or equipment leases. Unlike so many large ISPs and telecommunications companies that overextended themselves during the last boom, no outside investors or venture capitalists can call in a loan or affect the services we provide to our customers. ColoServe is a financially stable company that is showing a fair profit.

Flexible Options

No other colocation facility can give you the range of options and flexibility that ColoServe delivers. With pricing from single 1u servers to cabinets to build-to-suit cages, we can accommodate any colocation need. And our parent company ServePath allows us to offer a range of additional services, from network storage to firewalls, to outsourced dedicated server hosting if you need to build your server base quickly or want to add additional horsepower without the up-front hardware cost.

Affordable Pricing

ColoServe offers full-featured colocation packages with lots of bandwidth and service options, all priced aggressively to work for your business. We challenge you to find better pricing for comparable Tier 1 data center space and network connectivity anywhere.

Guaranteed Performance

ColoServe offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee. If you are not satisfied with any aspect of our service we will work to make it right.

Experience You Can Trust

Our team built one of California's largest ISPs back in the 1990s, attaining profitability and serving many hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers.
We started back in 1995, in the infancy of the commercial Internet, so we understand what it takes to provide high-quality Internet services. Today, we specialize in colocation and dedicated servers in order to deliver the powerful Internet infrastructure and business-class services our customers expect.

Screaming-Fast Network™

At ColoServe, we take network performance seriously. Get the Bay Area's best colocation bandwidth, five major backbones in one easy connection.

All ColoServe colocation packages include full 100Mbps connections on what we call our Screaming-Fast Network™ -- a network we’ve built over the past 5 years with unmatched speed, performance and worldwide connectivity. A network that received an A+ Certification rating from Keynote Systems, the Internet Performance Authority®. And a network that is backed up by a Service Level Agreement that breaks new ground in terms of network performance guarantees. If this is the type of network performance and reliability you require to run your Internet business, ColoServe is your best choice for San Francisco colocation.
A+ Keynote Certified Network

ColoServe scored an A+ rating from Keynote Systems, Inc., The Internet Performance Authority®. ColoServe received the A+ rating after passing a 30-day quality assurance test, which measured the performance and availability of our network and streaming services to end-users worldwide.

Full 100Mbps & Gigabit Connections

Many hosting companies limit your bandwidth and throughput to 10Mbps or less. At ColoServe you always get a full 100Mbps fast Ethernet connection to the Internet for maximum performance, no throttling or rate limiting. And Gigabit ports are even available as an upgrade. You may not always want a full 100Mbps, but you can rest assured that the power and speed is there for you when you do.

Screaming-Fast Network™ Maps

ColoServe’s Screaming-Fast Network™ is composed of only the best, Tier 1 network providers, with no low quality or discount bandwidth. Our network features multiple, redundant fiber routes for maximum network flexibility and reliability and a choice of Internet backbone routes, with over 6 Gbps of total capacity and BGP routing to send your data out the fastest route possible.

10,000% Guaranteed™ Service Level Agreement

When we talk about our Screaming-Fast Network™ here at ColoServe, it isn’t a marketing gimmick. We back up our claims with an industry-leading Service Level Agreement (SLA) that specifies maximum latency, jitter, and packet loss guarantees on our network in great detail. And we openly publish not only our complete SLA but our network speed tests and real-time latency data to 39 different networks worldwide. See for yourself how fast we really are.

ServePOP™ Content Delivery Network

In 2006 ColoServe expanded its Screaming-Fast Network™ beyond our San Francisco headquarters, with the first deployed Points-of-Presence (POPs) of our Content Delivery Network opening in New York and Liepzig, Germany. These global Points-of-Presence enable us to offer worldwide streaming, file downloads, and other content distribution to points closer to your end users, no matter where they are. ColoServe also offers global load balancing and offsite data replication to customers who demand the highest performance possible for their applications.

24/7 Network Operations Center

ColoServe's Network Operations Center (NOC) is built right in the center of our data center, and is staffed 24/7/365 by certified systems administrators and network engineers. The 21 screens that make up our NOC monitor everything from network traffic and performance to power, temperature and security systems to services, applications, known vulnerabilities and RAID array status on customer servers. Cover
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Single Server ColocationfeaturesColoServe's entry level server colocation plan gives you space for a 1u, 2u, 3u or Tower server. 100 gb of data transfer on a 100Mbps burstable connection, and a remote reboot power cycling outlet is included. ColoServe is your best choice for San [...]$99.00/mo. $99 Setup Fee 100 GB

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ColoServe Expands Data Center - Colocation and managed service provider ColoServe ( announced on Wednesday that it has expanded its data center in downtown San Francisco, California.
The company says it is adding 3,000 square feet of space and an additional 40 cages to enable customers to expand as their businesses grow and to enable ColoServe to meet increasing demand for San Francisco data center space. The expanded data center also features CAT6-enhanced cabling infrastructure designed to support the next generation of intensive Internet applications such as IPTV and enables up to 10 gigabits per second handoffs to a cabinet or cage.ColoServe's data center facility also shares infrastructure with Verizon's sole San Francisco phone switching facility, including dual generators capable of producing four megawatts of power and enough on-site diesel fuel to run off of the electrical grid for more than two weeks, says the company. The data center is also completed by ColoServe's popular Screaming-Fast ... [search all news]

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