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About Cablan is a webhosting and development company in operation since 2001 with clients in over 32 countries.

Our specialty is TYPO3 development and hosting, but we also have many clients with static HTML websites or other content management systems.

Please note that the number of clients reported by is only for customers using and and that only our own domain names uses our nameservers.

Customers use the nameservers of the server they are hosted on: we do not have roughly 40 customers, we have thousands, on dozens of servers. screenshot
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Owner: Martin-Pierre Frenette
Web Site Title: TYPO3 web development and hosting::
Website Description: Canadian web hosting and development company founded in 2001 with customers in over 33 countries
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Website DNS: => 2607:5300:203:6644:: ( Montreal ) / OVH Hosting Inc. - => ( Montreal ) / OVH Hosting Inc. - => ( Montreal ) / OVH Hosting Inc. -
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IP Location Country/State/City: Canada / Quebec / Montreal - see top providers in Canada, Qu├ębec
ISP Name / ISP URL: OVH Hosting Inc. /

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Mike Wozniewski (mike@m...) /
Time Hosted: over 3 years
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
I was with Cablan for 6 years, and the service gradually deteriorated to nothing.

Toward the end of my experience with this company, I was experiencing drops in service. Sometimes my site wasn't available. My email was sporadic. Sometimes I couldn't send outgoing mail, and colleagues would tell me that their messages would sometimes bounce back.

After dozens of attempts to reach tech support, I gave up and tried to transfer my domain to another host.

I couldn't, because the admin email address for my domain went to Cablan (they handled my domain registration). I asked for it to be changed. No response. I had to contact the registrar. They tried to contact Cablan to change the address. No response.

Eventually, the registrar believed my story and forced a change to the DSN entry. All in all, it took about 2 months to transfer away from that host.

Glad it's over.
Mike did have problems contacting our support by e-mail because he was on a server which had a client with a corrupted script which sent spam occasionally.

It did took us a few months to isolate the problem because it was intermittent even if the spam blocks were long term.

We never actually received most of Mike's e-mails because they were sent from the server's blocked ip.

Since then, we do a lot better monitoring of outgoing mass e-mails, we have whitelisted all of our servers in our own anti-spam system.

Customer service representative (mp@c..., ).

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