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Shared - Linux Keep mouse
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PriceDisk Space Transfer UpdatedFree Domain /
Value Hosting Yearly  $3.00/mo.2 GB5 GB
Value Hosting Monthly  $4.00/mo.2 GB5 GB
Small Business Yearly  $12.00/mo.25 GB1 GB
Small Business Monthly  $15.00/mo.25 GB1 GB
Business Hosting  $25.00/mo.5 GB2 GB
Professional Hosting  $62.00/mo.5 GB5 GB
Colocation - Linux/Windows Keep mouse
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Price Transfer UpdatedDedicated IPs
Low  $149.00/mo. 15 GB
Medium  $189.00/mo. 25 GB
High  $225.00/mo. 35 GB
Advanced  $269.00/mo. 50 GB
A1  $349.00/mo. 100 GB
A1.6  $469.00/mo. 160 GB

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Targeting: France, United Kingdom
Details for https://www.idegroup.com/
Website DNS: ns2a.thirddomainnameserver.com => ( London ) / Linode LLC - linode.com
ns3a.secondarydomainnameserver.com => ( London ) / Linode LLC - linode.com
ns4a.primarydomainnameserver.com => ( Poole ) / C4L Infrastructure block - primarydomainnameserver.com
MX::cluster1.eu.messagelabs.com => ( Gloucester ) / MessageLabs Limited - messagelabs.com
Server Software: nginx
Website IP:
IP Location Country/State/City: United kingdom / England / Brighton - see top providers in Great Britain
ISP Name / ISP URL: Ide Group Manage Limited / idegroup.com

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C4L begin local fibre digging to boost Bournemouth connectivity - With fast connectivity being the most highly rated priority for local businesses and visitors in the Digital town, C4L have this week begun installing a high capacity fibre network across Bournemouth to serve its valued customers with business-grade connectivity.
With the town recently being named the fastest growing Digital economy in the UK, and home to over 400 Digital businesses, many of these corporations seek higher internet speeds to make business critical tasks such as email, file sharing, design, video rendering and website orders much more efficient. This week C4L began meeting these requirements by providing superfast fibre to the centre of Bournemouth from their Westbourne Data centre, customers on the fibre network will be able to enjoy internet speeds of up to 10Gb/s, a significant improvement on the current 3mbps average.
Matt Hawkins, Chairman and Founder of C4L, said: “Bournemouth is the fastest growing digital economy in the UK, competes globally and is a fantastic [search all c4l.co.uk news]

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About: C4L is one of the leading data centre and connectivity solutionproviders in the UK, with capacity for 1000 racks of colocation, a resilient 1-100Gbnetwork with access to over 300 data centres globally and hundreds of delightedcustomers.  Chairman Matt Hawkins: "people have become used to be able to'touch' their data, but holding your data in your office actually makes youmore vulnerable. When it's in a data centre it is 24/7 protected by encryptionand multiple layers of security"  C4L has one of the largest colocation portfolio's in the UK. By havingaccess to over 100 UK data centres and over 300 globally, as well as closeworking relationships with our suppliers, we can meet almost any colocationrequirement. [...]
C4L account is having 57 followers and 0 plus one count. Last activity on Aug 13, 2015. See recent Google Plus Posts:
- Future proofed – why forward thinking data centre networks are vital | News | About Us | C4L
- It goes without saying that there are power, security, reliability and cost advantages with choosing colocation for your IT infrastructure, but how do you choose the right colo provider? How to find the right colocation provider? | Blog | About Us | C4L
- Will everything be #cloud -based in the future? Is it a craze? How will our use of it evolve?The important thing to remember about the Where is the cloud going? | Blog | About Us | C4L
http://www.c4l.co.uk/media-centre/blog  Using Wordpress version 4.9.8. Blog added on 2015 Feb, with total 10 articles, language en-GB. See recent blogs summary posts:
- IDE Group’s head of sales training to judge national sales awards - Anna Guest, who leads IDE Group's internal and external sales training within its specialist training division, iDevelop, has been announced as a judge for the 2018 British Excellence in Sales Managem
- IDE Group accepted onto UK government’s G-Cloud 10 Framework - IDE Group has been an approved supplier within the UK Government's G-Cloud Framework for several years. We're delighted to say we've yet again been accepted onto the latest Framework, G-Cloud 10. This
- How to protect your social media profiles from cybercriminals - Social media and their associated social usernames and passwords have become part of everyday life. While email is still the preferred tool for cybercriminals, social media has become more popular ...

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-hidden- (-hidden-) / we host mostly virtual desktops with C4L
Time Hosted: over 3 years
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
POOR support for years, despite what they tell you
Easily, the poorest support I have experienced in my 20+ years in this industry. their helpdesk is only staffed during weekday business hours. Despite what they tell you with the call in the phone 'after hours' thing (how can any internet helpdesk have 'after hours'?), when you call in you must actually wake someone up.

We had/have dual uplinks to C4L for redundancy. It turned out they did not set them up redundant at all and we had no chance to monitor them eitehr. When the single router they were both plugged into went down, so did our transit. FOR MORE THAN TWO DAYS! I had to route transit in/out of New York! If we did not have a private line to NYC, we would have been totally down the entire time.

I gave them every opportunity but these people just do not seem to understand that responsive and quality support is not optional for any hosting company in 2015. In the ticket [HEW-109-76755] we waited hours for a response and hours for more replies. all while our [read more...]

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