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About Blue Central

A leading provider of managed infrastructure, application hosting and mobile connectivity services to small to medium business, enterprise and government.

BlueCentral is owned by IPMG.

* IPMG is a privately owned group of specialist print, interactive, communications and media companies and today has thousands of employees and customers.
* Founded in 1887, and continuously owned by the Hannan Family, there are now over 30 companies within IPMG employing over 2,000 people, servicing thousands of clients - from large multinationals to SME's.
* IPMG has over 30 businesses within the group, with offices located nationally and internationally.

BlueCentral is a market leading hosting business delivering its customers established data centre, managed infrastructure and mobile connectivity services.

* Successfully in operation since 1997
* Offices are located in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia
* 300+ enterprise hosting and mobility customers
* Services are delivered from two purpose-built data centres in Sydney and Melbourne
* Over 50 specialist and highly qualified employees.

Financial Profile

* BlueCentral is an operational business within the IPMG group of companies
* IPMG has collective revenues exceeding $600 million
* IPMG is one of Australia’s largest privately held profitable and expanding businesses
* BlueCentral is also profitable, expanding and has no debts.

Priority One Support – Enabling Business Success

* On a daily basis, BlueCentral strives to develop, deliver and support services delivered to our customers that are encapsulated by the businesses’ ‘Priority One Support – Enabling Business Success’ mantra. This means doing business with us is fast and easy.
* Our goal is to always work to develop solutions and deliver services that address business needs for our customers in a way that is commercially and operationally flexible.
* We aim to be easy to do business with and always place the customer first. Importantly,we aim to develop and provide services and solutions that help our customers use technology to gain a competitive advantage and be more successful in their specific industry.

Our Accreditations
Global standards ensure that our customers data and infrastructure is managed with bench marked processes and standards

BlueCentral helps businesses retain focus by managing the aspects of their operations that do not drive competitive advantage for our customers. In essence, we help businesses become more competitive by providing expert levels of management for core platforms and IT infrastructure. BlueCentral takes the growing costs and pressures associated with building and managing infrastructure support teams away from our customers.

This provides the ability to focus on managing the aspects of their IT platforms that can increase business performance such as improving application functionality and business intelligence generated by key business applications.

Customers who selectively outsource their infrastructure management to BlueCentral have more time and resources to allocate to managing and improving the performance, output and usability of their critical business applications. Importantly, in partnering with BlueCentral, our customers can be sure that the quality of the internal or partner-supplied management of their applications is matched by the quality of the infrastructure management on which those applications are operating.

Reducing risks is a key requirement for a successful partnership between BlueCentral and our customers. We achieve this through a range of accreditations, certifications, memberships and technology partnering:

* ISO:27001: BlueCentral hosts infrastructure within data centres that are certified to meet the ISO:27001 standards in relation to information security. These processes guide our approach to data management, ensuring that the integrity of our customer’s data and content is never compromised.
* ASIO T4: All customer infrastructure is hosted within data centre facilities that are certified to ensure access to customer environments is always secure and only authorised personnel can obtain access. The ASIO standard ensures that the physical security of all customer infrastructure complies and meets the highest and most stringent requirements.
* Microsoft Gold Partner: BlueCentral is a Microsoft Gold Partner possessing the necessary qualified engineering and support personnel required not simply to hold the accreditation but to deliver and support hosted infrastructure services running Microsoft technologies. These skills exist at engineering, support and pre and post sales levels.
* VMware Service Provider Program: BlueCentral is ideally positioned to support businesses that are consolidating dedicated server infrastructure and taking advantage of VMware technologies. We are one of a few providers with access to the service provider licensing and support programs.
* VMware Engineering and Sales Expertise: Our support engineers are VMware Certified Professionals while pre-sales design consultants all possess the relevant training and certifications to understand, support and design virtualised infrastructure management services.
* PCI DSS: As organisations work to meet Payment Card Gateway security requirements, BlueCentral is positioned well to consult to and design infrastructure and managed hosting services that help businesses meet their certification requirements and ensure their platforms are PCI compliant.
* AIMIA: BlueCentral is a member of the Australian Interactive Media Industry Association and actively attend AIMIA events in support of organisations delivering digital and media services.
* Engineering Expertise: Supporting customer platforms requires a depth of skills and expertise across a broad range of technologies. We have trained and certified engineers with expertise in Dell, Foundry, Juniper, Microsoft, Redhat, CentOS and Symantec technologies.

Strategic Technology Partnerships: BlueCentral continues to build on strong strategic partnerships and alliances. Working with our key partners, we seek to deliver creative, cost-effective solutions offering the best value for money to our customers. Some of our strategic relationships are noted below and include Fujitsu, Juniper, Foundry, Global Center, RedHat, Microsoft, Dell, Parallels, SiteCore and VMware.

Australian Hosting
Business web hosting, dedicated servers, virtual servers and managed infrastructure services (IaaS) are provided by BlueCentral to support web hosting, online applications (SaaS), e-business, cloud computing and Internet applications

BlueCentral's business hosting services are backed by Service Level Agreements (SLAs or a hosting SLG) providing objective measures of availability and up-time, incident management and reporting. Not only do we provide the SLA for the managed elements of our customer installations, but we also provide SLAs and SLGs that cover the environmental services that support our hosted colocation clients. Our services include the relevant account management and customer interaction required to deliver a thorough and comprehensive service targeted on high availability backed by service.

Australian Hosting 101

Hosting is a computing service based in a place where we provide you with computing for your business, without the complications and up-front expense to you.

BlueCentral provide a range of managed computer platform services that extend to ‘Selective Outsourcing’. The list below highlights how customers can choose to maintain certain aspects of managing their infrastructure platform or make a decision to focus only on their business applications through selectively outsourcing management of the platform layers.

* For Managed Colocation Hosting we offer secure (ISO 27001 and ASIO T4 Certified in Sydney) conditioned infrastructure space in our Data Centre, with power, racks, Internet Connectivity Services, and customer data network links, supported by on-site staff (at an hourly rate or included in the initial installation charges)
* For Managed Dedicated Hosting we offer data center space, internet and telecoms, dedicated physical servers, dedicated virtual server, shared storage and hosted SAN, hyper-visor provisioning, operating system (OS) under hosted Microsoft SPLA arrangements, database support via partners and hosted application support via partners and resellers.
* For Selected Outsourcing we offer data center space, dedicated and shared infrastructure or IaaS, OS support. Most importantly we offer two data centres located apart in Sydney and Melbourne for hosting disaster recovery services and business continuity planning purposes.
* For Corporate IT we offer all of the above web hosting and hosted application services, as an adjunct to your in-house IT services.

Hosting Services Overview for Web Hosting, E-Commerce Hosting, Software as a Service, business applications & colocation

Our offerings are delivered from within highly certified and redundant data centre facilities and comprise management services extending from the data center and the physical security of the facility, power, cooling and redundancy to network management, server hardware provisioning and management, operating systems and hyper-visor technology licensing and management, network hardware management and data storage and archiving services.

Specifically, our Fujitsu owned Sydney Data Centre is certified by the owner to ASIO T4 and ISO27001 accreditation levels. Copies of the hosting security certification can be provided to bona-fide customers.

When combined, these services give businesses the ability to selectively outsource the management of hosted infrastructure to support delivery of critical online and business applications or source co-location and managed co-location services.

BlueCentral also provides carrier-grade mobile connectivity services from their mobile aggregation platform. Find out more about our Mobile Connectivity Services.
Why Choose BlueCentral Web Hosting, Co-location, Application Host or Cloud Hosting Services in Australia?
With so many options to source and deliver technology solutions, why should you choose BlueCentral as your technology partner and hosting services supplier?

* 10 Years Experience: BlueCentral has been delivering services to the SMB, corporate and government market for over a decade. We are specialists with the systems, skills and culture to deliver effective services immediately. Further to this, we are constantly evaluating the market to supply and deliver new customer services that can provide further efficiency, solve new business needs, provide greater competitive advantage and reduce business costs.
* Certifications & Knowledge: Our processes and approaches to managing customer data and hosted infrastructure are aligned with global standards and guidelines and meeting hosting security accreditations. These global certifications and accreditations (current, audited and certified for our Sydney Data Centre) provide our customers with the peace of mind that these infrastructure services are comprehensively managed and implemented and that compliance and governance requirements can be met.
* Online Tools: We provide customers with online access to view and monitor their systems from our online Control Panel to clients. This 24 x 7 visibility ensures decisions about performance and capacity can be constantly evaluated.Monitoring of hosting services is key to providing the very best customer service.
* Other Services: As a customer’s needs expand, BlueCentral can support other requirements across the business through partner technology organisations including advanced database management, data connectivity, mobile connectivity and internet consultancy.
* 24 x 7 Customer Support Centre: We provide contact to engineers 24x7 from our NOC and Customer Support Centre. We are constantly monitoring, managing and supporting mission-critical application infrastructure at all times.
* High Availability: Our infrastructure and services (IaaS) are designed to ensure 99.9% availability. Our Internet Gateway and core infrastructure is carrier grade and designed in an N+1 configuration to guarantee no downtime of your critical applications. This ensures true redundancy, including diverse international paths, and low latency performance for fastest route to the Internet at all times.Network paths from our data centres are all duplicated with major carriers, and all provided on high speed fibre connections including hosted peering services.
* Service Level Agreements (SLA's and SLGs): We take Service Level Agreements (SLAs) seriously – providing clear financial compensation for noncompliance. All of our hosting services are delivered to our customers with binding Service Level Agreements and a hosting SLG.
* Priority One Support: Our entire business is continuously working to provide customer service embodied by the 'Priority One Support' culture. Our staff are empowered to make decisions for customers on a daily basis.We actually demonstrate a fanatical level of support.
* Account Management: BlueCentral provides named account managers to work with customers on a day-by-day basis to design new services, handle administrative activities and ensure that the interface between BlueCentral and our customers is efficient, effective and comprehensively managed. An aspect of our account management that means we are easy-to-do-business-with and keeps customers satisfied, is our around-the-clock accessibility and our ability to handle questions, concerns and requirements quickly and effectively.Your hosting Account Manager is the portal to all BlueCentral services.
* World Class Data Centre Facilities: BlueCentral manages infrastructure from within world class data centre facilities. These facilities are designed to deliver zero downtime and possess the relevant certifications to ensure availability is paramount and data and infrastructure security is a priority. This is core to providing Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS or PaaS).

100% Australian Hosting
We are 100% Australian Owned web hosting business. Our parent company, IPMG is a private Australian firm, that employees Australians and keeps all our web hosting business inside Australia in Sydney or Melbourne, including our Hosting Call Centre.
You control your Administrative Access via Web Control Panel

In summary, whether you are seeking web hosting, business hosting services, ecommerce hosting, campaign hosting, Software as a Service (SaaS) hosting, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) or platform rental (PaaS), BlueCentral can meet and manage that business hosting requirement. Our key to this is the provision of secure hosting in both Melbourne and Sydney, with installations in hours or days, not weeks or months. Cover
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Social Networks
About: At Blue Central, we help drive productivity and success by providing custom, secure and reliable IT solutions and services for Australian businesses.

Founded 15 years ago in a Melbourne garage, today Blue Central is known as one of Australia’s leading managed infrastructure experts with established offices and data centres in Sydney and Brisbane.

With experience working in the online retail, travel, aviation, aged and health care industries, Blue Central partners with each client to understand business needs and desired outcomes. The Blue Central team is results focused, helping clients achieve or exceed set business goals through intelligent design, implementation and ongoing management of technology solutions.

BlueCentral is owned by IPMG - a privately owned group of specialist print, interactive, communications and media companies which today has thousands of employees and customers.

Blue Central (est. 1996) is a Privately Held entity having 207 followers on LinkedIn and 11-50 employees, industry Information Technology & Services.
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  (RSS error new) Blog added on 2013 Nov, with total 3 articles, language en-US. See recent blogs summary posts:
- Why bc rocks - because kanella works here and here and here The post Why bc rocks appeared first on Blue Central.
- Hack: Creating competitive advantage through digital transformation - The post Hack: Creating competitive advantage through digital transformation appeared first on Blue Central.
- Mobile Workforce powered by Mobilise IT and BlueCentral - Mobilise IT is a specialist organisation providing high performance mobile workforce products and services to some of Australia's largest and best known companies. These services offered range from Mo

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