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They are the worst of the worst, do never answer a question and are controlled by crazy domains, tens of thousands of complains. that in itself should be enough to shut them down, any good review is probably written by their sales manager.


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About Aust Domains

Aust Domains International Pty Ltd is a leading Australian, New Zealand & UK accredited domain name registrar.

Formed in 2000 our goal is to develop and maintain excellent business relationships through great customer service, easy-to-use web site tools, fast and reliable domain name registration with competitive pricing.

By choosing Aust Domains you are guaranteed many value-added features that make registering domain names even easier and more enjoyable.

Our Accreditations

Aust Domains have been officially accredited by:

.au Domain Administration Ltd (auDA)
au Domain Administration Ltd (auDA) is an Australian not-for-profit company vested with the responsibility of operating the .au domain for the benefit of all stakeholders.

New Zealand
The Domain Name Commissioner (DNC)
The Domain Name Commissioner (DNC) is responsible for the day to day oversight of the .nz domain name registration and management system.

Global Domains
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names
ICANN is responsible managing and accrediting the domain name registrars.

United Kingdom
Nominet UK
UK registry for .uk internet name space. They manage the authoritative database of .uk domain name registrations.

Australia Hosted Data Centre

What separates one web host from another? Speed, reliability and service. Aust Domains offers you all three.

Speed - send your data at almost the speed of light with multiple FIBRE OPTIC connections to the Internet backbone

Reliability - built in reliability with only the latest, most robust hardware and software, including DELL PowerEdge servers running both Linux (Unix) and Microsoft Windows server software; maintain optimal performance through our load balanced network and content balanced network.

Service - rely on strong, dedicated tech support and customer service from our experienced consultants. We're here to make web hosting and email hosting easy.

When you host with Aust Domains, your website resides on state-of-the-art servers and data centreconnected to the Internet via high speed SLA backed fibre optic links that peer with major backbone providers.

We also peer with local Internet Exchanges in order to leverage ever more performance in your state. This means we can offer you a 99% uptime network guarantee and 24 x 7 uninterrupted service.

Our data centre, located in Perth, Western Australia is powered by Cisco 7200 and 6500 series routers, N+1 UPS redundant power, and and a 3000 litre industrial diesel generator.

Aust Domains' highly experienced data centre staff are available to help you during normal business hours and optional ongoing 24/7 advanced support and service packs are also available.

Load Balanced Network

Traffic load balancing distributes web traffic between multiple servers that perform the same function in the same location, whether they are firewalls, web servers, mail servers, databases or caches. Our Linux LVS load balancers can be configured with a variety of traffic balancing algorithms, including least load and round-robin.

Key Benefits:

Highly Scalable Server Architecture
Increased Availability
Increased Performance
Increased Security
Sticky Client Sessions
Intelligent Balancing Methods
Redundant Load Balancers

Server Performance & Specs

If you're running business-critical applications, websites or 24/7 e-commerce environments, you can't afford downtime or poor performance.

Powering our Server Farm are Power Edge M600 Blade servers utilising Power Edge MD3000 disk storage subsystems with practically unlimited disk storage capabilities from Dell, one of the most trusted names for high end enterprise level equipment.

Our server infrastructure is supported by a class leading Cisco based network. Configured with both performance and reliability in mind, our network is 99% redundant, meaning any single component in each major area of the network can fail and network connectivity remains completely unaffected.

Based on industry-leading, enterprise-class Quad Core Xeon processors, our web servers have the capability to deliver dynamic content at lightening speeds, critical for all web applications.

Industry standard DDR2 ECC RAM is the memory-of-choice for Intel Xeon based architectures. Ensuring the best in quantity and performance, we utilise a minimum of 32 GB of DDR2 ECC RAM in each of our server platforms.

Complementing the impressive power of our CPU/RAM combination are Seagate Cheetah 15,000 RPM Serial-Attached-SCSI hard disks. These drives ensure superior performance and reliability, complete with a hardware RAID 10 configuration maximizing data access performance while also maximizing redundancy.

Network Speed
All servers are fitted, as standard, with two separate Gigabit network connections. Utilising ethernet bonding, (otherwise knows as NIC teaming) we achieve both a higher potential for performance and reliability.

99% Server Uptime Guarantee

Your Dedicated Virtual Server will reside in our state-of-the-art data centre connected to the Internet via high speed SLA backed fibre optic links that peer with major backbone providers. We also peer with local internet exchanges in your State in order to leverage ever more performance. This means we can offer you a 99% uptime network guarantee and 24 x 7 uninterrupted service.

Australia Data Centre

Additional to being connected to the CBD's "essential power grid", our state-of-the-art data centre has redundant 1+1 UPSs as well as N+1 under-floor air-conditioning systems. This ensures maximum reliability for supplied power, and ample cooling to ensure reliable operation of our systems.

Hardware Replacement Guarantee

In addition to our redundant systems, we also have service contracts with all major vendors for a 1 to 4 hour parts replacement. This means that in the event of a component failure, our redundant systems will kick in (meaning service continues uninterrupted), and the failed device will only be offline for a short time while we replace the failed components.

Additional to our replacement guarantee, we also keep spares for many components on hand meaning even faster replacement for a significant number of items.

10 Reasons Why We Should Host Your Web Site
That's right! Unlike most other web hosting companies there are no hidden setup fees. You pay only for the web site hosting package you choose with NO additional setup fees.
Your Own Control Panel
If you need to update your email settings, or change hosting information, it good to know you can access the Control Panel 24/7 and make those changes instantly.

First-Rate Customer Support
We offer Free and Prompt Technical Support via our on-line Support Area and Support Email Form. In addition a 24-hour Email Service is available to all clients, something very few (if any) other web site providers offer.
Server Monitoring
We monitor our systems 24 hours a day, 365 days a year - all year round. (This means that you can sleep at night and not have to worry if your web site is on-line or not).

Superior Hardware
Our hardware consists of powerful Intel P4 Dual Xeons servers optimized for web site hosting and equipped with SCSI Hard Drives. Many of our competitors use less expensive PC clone computers with regular IDE hard drives to cut down on costs. We use the best!!
Reputation and Reliability
Aust Domains is consistently ranked among the Top Australian Web Hosts in the industry.

We help you make the difference
Have you seen our on-line Help Area? It's filled with Tutorials, Documentation, Tips & Tricks, Step By Step Movies and Free Software Downloads.
It doesn't matter where you live
We are currently hosting clients from over 60 countries world-wide! No matter where you are we are here to help. With our support email service we can get the right answers to you fast.

Operating System Friendly
As our web servers let you use standard File-Transfer software to upload your web site, it doesn't matter which Operating System you use on your personal computer (Windows 95/98, XP, Vista, NT, Macintosh, OS/2, etc.). Front Page accounts are also available, and all our web-hosting accounts support Netscape Composer and other web page creation software.
Savings in your pocket
Your web site doesn't need an entire Internet server, DS-3 connection, Full-time Server Administrator and network hardware all to itself. It makes much more sense to share resources and equipment to lower your costs - and let us worry about the headaches. Our web site hosting accounts range from only $179 a year, and Dedicated Servers are also available for very large web sites.

Dedicated Servers

Need more than standard web hosting?

Are you looking for a faster, more flexible solution than standard web hosting that can handle multiple web hosting accounts, multiple domains names with HUGE storage areas and ultra fast speeds? Then you need more resources than standard web hosting can offer.

Aust Domains Australian Dedicated Virtual Servers give you all the POWER and CONTROL of a stand alone server without the expensive hardware and running costs. Get the performance you need and take control of server space today.

Linux Dedicated servers

Aust Domains Linux Dedicated Virtual Servers are powered by the Virtuozzo for Linux platform which gives customers their own virtual Linux operating system to install their own software and manage their hosting environment themselves, at a fraction of the cost of a normal networked server.

All the Linux Dedicated Virtual Servers plans come complete with cPanel 11 and WHM control panel allowing you to manage all your domain names, email accounts, disk space and much more, through a user friendly web-based control panel.

Windows Dedicated servers

Aust Domains Windows Dedicated Virtual Servers are powered by the Virtuozzo for Windows platform which gives customers their own virtual Windows 2003 operating system to install their own software and manage their hosting environment themselves, at a fraction of the cost of a normal networked server.

All the Windows Dedicated Virtual Servers plans come complete with Plesk 8.1 for control panel allowing you to manage all your domain names, email accounts, disk space and much more, through a user friendly web-based control panel.

The Performance
All Dedicated Virtual Servers are powered by DELL Enterprise Level servers for high-performance with the latest generation Multi Core Xeon processors to meet Aust Domains standards for reliability and performance.

Full server control

The cPanel control panel is an excellent server management tool that lets you configure your server through a convenient web-based interface or take full control yourself with full root access SSH allowing you to install and run virtually anything on the server.

Resources and burstability guaranteed

We guarantee resources for each individual Dedicated Virtual Server.

Our innovative design, powered by Virtuozzo software, ensures that resources on the physical server are not over-allocated. No matter how much activity other Dedicated Virtual Servers generate, your Dedicated Virtual Server always gets the Guaranteed RAM resources allocated with available burstablity.

An affordable alternative to a standard server setup

Our Dedicated Virtual Server hosting solutions are completely isolated virtual environments.

Each Dedicated Virtual Server behaves exactly like a normal networked server with its own file systems, users, processes and scripts. You can run different applications on each Dedicated Virtual Server and the root user retains full control.

This makes our Dedicated Virtual Server technology a cost effective solution that saves you hardware related capital investments.

Web Hosting control panel
Using the world leading cPanel 11 software for Linux, you will be able to host and manage unlimited web sites on your dedicated server via the user friendly web-based control panel.

It allows you to control all aspects of your server, including: DNS, virtual hosts, cron jobs / scheduled tasks, web services, scripting software, statistics, monitor server performance, manage SSL certificates, setup / install / configure databases and activate scripting languages including PHP for example.

Web Hosting features include:

» Unlimited Subdomains
» Unlimited E-Mail accounts
» Unlimited FTP accounts
» Unlimited MySQL Databases
» Unlimited Mailing Lists
» And much much more..

Standard Support

Whether you are an experienced server administrator or just starting out, our friendly support staff can answer your questions and assist with technical problems you are experiencing.

The standard support must lie within our systems or technology we support. No charges will apply for this service. Phone support is available during business hours and 24/7 email support is also available.

Advanced support and troubleshooting which requires the assistance of a system administrator is outside our standard support and will be charged a flat hourly fee.

Any custom configuration or advanced server setup will be required to have a Managed Service Pack upgrade.
Managed Service Pack

The Managed Service Pack is recommended for users or businesses who don't have the knowledge, experience or time to configure, setup and manage their own servers. Our professional qualified system administrators will take full admin control and will setup your Dedicated Virtual Server for maximum performance. We will then monitor and maintain your server, allowing you a hassle free server experience.

The Managed Service Pack comes with the following features:

Custom Server Setup

Server and operating system will be configured to your business requirements for maximum performance. Domain Names, DNS and Hosting accounts will also be setup and resources will be allocated across your server as needed.

Emergency Support

The emergency support gives you direct 24/7 phone support for emergencies direct to a Lvl 1 system administrator. The emergency support issues covered with 24/7 phone support include service restarts or rebooting and server or services down. Non critical issues will not be dealt using the emergency support.

Constant Updates

We will support and patch all base operating systems below when official updates for bug fixes and security patches are available. Patching is applied weekly unless the severity of exposure is high.

These include:

Official updates released by the CentOs 4/5.
Official updates released by the Debian 4.
Official updates released by the Fedora Core 9.
Official updates released by the Red Hat Enterprise 5.
Official updates released by Microsoft.
Official updates released by cPanel.
Official updates released by Plesk.

Monitoring Services

Your server will added to the advanced monitoring pool we have developed which will be monitored constantly 24/7 and will alert us of any issues.

All services below will be monitored:

Mail Pop3, Imap and SMTP
CPU, Ram Performance
Disk space Usage
Database Availability
FTP Monitoring

Custom Config/Setup

You are entitled to use our custom configuration and setup service which is only available to Managed Service Pack users. This service will allow you to request custom configuration setups tailored to your requirements outside our standard and managed services.

Custom config/setup service below is charged at a flat rate of $85/hour. Please contact us to discuss your requirements or the available options.
Available Unavailable
- Script troubleshooting - Custom Script Writing

- PHP/MYSQL Programming
- Clustering/Load-balancing
- PHP/SQL Version Changeover - Server Migrations
- IP Tables updates & setup
- 3rd Party Software Installation
- MS Exchange Setup
- Custom Backups

Root/Shell access will not be available under a Managed Service Pack. Screenshot
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Comodo Supplying Aust Domains with SSL - Internet security provider Comodo ( announced on Tuesday that it would now be supplying SSL certificates to Australian domain registrar Aust Domains (
An accredited registrar specializing in .AU and .NZ top level domains, Aust Domains offers a collection of services to business and individuals that includes Web and email hosting, an online Web site builder and domain registration.
"This partnership between Comodo and Aust Domains represents a perfect synergy between two forward-looking and innovative companies", says James Langman, Comodo VP of Business Development. "Aust Domains can now offer their customers a single, centralized location for the registration and development of corporate websites while drawing upon our secure technology expertise to deliver 128 bit encrypted, WebTrust compliant SSL certificates." [search all news]

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Time Hosted: 1 to 2 years
Global rating
Customer Relation
Control Panel
They double the price after one year. Also Not willing to provide correct password for domain. Quote'em "Unfortunately, once your domain name are registered, the UDAI can't be changed."
NS1/2 IPs do not change if you move...

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